A Memorable Week

Ive had a very busy and productive week, but definitely a memorable one!! Monday the BOM quilt went to the shop, so all that was left to do was the patterns (all 21 of them!!!!) and finally they r all ready for sale....and ive sold some already, which is fantastic!! Heres a pic of it in shop:
Sally is relocating the store in the next few weeks, so it will get its own wall in the new shop. But its great, as soon as u walk in the door u see it!!!

Big news on the personal front, Tuesday i resigned from work!!! For those of u who know me well and love me in spite of it, once i make up my mind to do something....i just do it!!!! I had had enough of the job and it was time to move onto a new phase in my life.......i want to spend more time with the family and expand my business (i have a few new plans in the pipeline, which im excited about)..........but i didnt stay unemployed for long, Sally offered me a couple of days a week, working in the quilt shop (after she has relocated).........now who could say NO to working in a quilt shop???? is it really work??? lol

I also had the pleasure of meeting with one of my fellow bloggers Jenny, earlier in the week. She is a lovely lady and wonderful to chat to. We had some hot chocolate at this cute little restaurant and chatted for an hour and a half about blogging and families. It was great how we knew things about each other, yet we had never met..... all thanks to blogging!!!

Havent had a lot of time to actually sew anything but now the patterns r done, ill spend the weekend sewing....hope u guys do as well!!!

take care
Rose xxx


  1. How cool! you've sold some BOM patterns already! Told you it would be a hit :o)

    Wish you all the best for your future plans! It will be fun to see what you have up your sleeve *lol*

    Take care, sweetie! And have fun sewing this weekend! (I still have some writing to do... - but hopefully there'll be time for a stitch or two...)

  2. Ohh I do love your new blog look, very nice. Now how exciting is that, patterns already sold and a new job to boot. If you can call it a job, I think it will be more fun than work.

  3. It must feel so wonderful to see your quilt up in the shop. Congratulations!! I might just need to learn to do stitchery :))

    Congratulations on your future endeavors. Good for you to resign from a job that didn't satisfy you and do what you love. Life if far too short and unpredictable to spend time unhappy.

  4. Good for you, it must have been a scary leap to give up your job, but imagine how wonderful it will be to spend your days playing with fabric!

  5. hi there i have been looking at some blogs and your look good .I like the quilt u make .i have only been sewing for 2 years and i have made 2 quilts and alot of other things .
    (roseanne) razzyrose

  6. See what happens... when you close a door another one opens.
    Now your next big challenge.........
    to not spend all your pay before you leave the shop,lol.
    P.s. love the new layout :-)

  7. Congratulations!!! How exciting. How blessed you must feel. Your BOM quilt is fabulous and I am sure the patterns will fly off the shelf!! Have you started planning the next one?? vbg Bren

  8. Best wishes with the direction that your life is taking! I envy you! :)

  9. How wonderful! No more 9 to 5, or whatever it is down under. And work in a quilt shop! You'll be able to talk with people and find out what they wish they had. =) I look forward to seeing your next patterns and ideas!

  10. big changes but how exciting to be working in a quilt shop......also meeting up with a blog friend... it is exciting and terrifying all at once until you meet and they are just so nice like on there blog...

  11. Hi Rose, That's great news about the quilt shop job. Just the thing after that last place. I like your new format, looks good.

  12. Wow lots of big changes, how exciting to see your quilt hanging in the shop. Congrats on the new job, you'll love it and have so much fun, doing work that's not really work.


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