Playing with Fabric

I had a day off today, which was lovely after a busy weekend at work. After dropping Maddi at school, Cohen and I headed to my MIL's to do a few jobs for her and then we took my BOM quilt to the shop (sob sob) i was strong, i only played "tug of war" with it once lol
And just as an edit to the last post.....Sally told me it was going to Ulverstone for the Quilt show on the 27th but she forgot to mention the 27th of July not June lol.

I had another purpose there today, i wanted to get the borders for my SBS blocks....the pattern shows white borders but after seeing Anne Ida's gorgeous borders, i wanted coloured ones as this is what we chose, a Thimbleberries fabric (hope u like this Anne!!!):

The colour doesnt come out true in the photo, but i think it makes the blocks stand out and blends well with all the colours ive used so far. Plus i just adore blue and it matches our bedroom perfectly!!!

Last nite will checking out the blogs, i came across Leannes new "Making Memories Quilt". It is just gorgeous and i love the idea of preserving a special event in our lives. Maddis birthday is in a few weeks and i have tried to think of the perfect gift for her to remember turning 13, which i think is a pretty important today i got out my stash of Moda fabrics, played around with a few other "mixer" colours and started cutting blocks to make something similar.

Im going to make a large center block with Maddi's name and date etc on it and then scatter the plain cream squares throughout so that all those who see her for her birthday, can sign a block and write a little need for birthday cards!!!! She loves the idea and i have Leanne to thank for the inspiration.........mind u, not that i have time to start something new with these patterns looming but thats the way it goes lol

Tommorrow i am meeting one of my fellow Launceston bloggers for coffee....Im looking forward to it, I have met so many wonderful people on here and Im sure we will have lots to talk about!!

take care
Rose xxx


  1. Ohohoho! ME LIKE!!! The blue Timbleberries is perfect, Rose! This is going to be a fabulous quilt!

    Leanne's idea of a memory quilt is really good (I have been looking at it), and I'm ooking forward to seeing the quilt you are making for Maddi! The fabrics looks great!
    Have lots of fun!

  2. Oh that looks just beautiful! See, you and Anne just make me want to go sew!!! :)

  3. Love the blue Rose.
    How exciting meeting one of your imaginary friends.
    What time's coffee, I'll see if I can make the flight,lol.
    Have fun and say hi from me :-)

  4. I am so looking forward to seeing your finished product. The fabrics you chose are lovely and I can't wait to see how you put them all together! Maddi is a lucky little girl to have you for her mum!

  5. Rose, the thimbleberry fabric is perfect with your blocks. You can never go wrong with thimbleberries!! The memory quilt is a great idea. Only a few weeks huh?? *s* Bren

  6. I love the blue around the sbs blocks.........two great minds think alike..............our brains are connected I am sure..........loved the chat today, cant wait to visit, although I wil have to find a project to bring with
    love the Lurker

  7. Hello, I found your site at Quilt Nut. I am a beginner at this although I have made several rail quilts for Grands and hand quilted them. I am trying my hand at a sampler quilt. When you talk about your fabric stash, are you talking about fat quarters you've bought or larger pieces?
    Mama Bear

  8. Rose! Rose! Rose!
    I went to the Country Quilter yesterday to grab some more fabric for Ruth's quilt. Your quilt looks fabulous!! Oh my goodness, you should be so very proud. Just think how wonderful it will be to have people from all over Aus. (possibly the world) making your gorgeous quilt.
    The quilting looks great too.
    Well Done!

  9. I like the blue. It seems perfect. I like all the blocks, though I'm coming to identify you so much with embroidery, it seems odd not to see some in there! LOL!

    I'm curious why you don't trim your little "ears" as you piece?


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