Winter Fun!

Its the second week of the school holidays and DH and I have both taken this week off work to spend with the kids (although im on call, cause one of the girls quit on Thursday......everyone knows to ignore the phone!!!! lol)
We r definitely in Winter and although we r having low temperatures, the days have been sunny and bright, so we packed up this morning and headed out to Hollybank Forest (about 15 mins from our home).....luckily for us, no one braved the weather and we had the place to ourselves:

Rugged up with hats, coats, mittens and scarves we settled into the chalet and cooked up a yummy lunch:

There is nothing like cold weather, to make u appreciate the simple things in life....thermos coffee (about the only time ill drink it lol), sizzling food to warm ur hands and ur belly, those little places where the sun shines amongst the shade of the trees and the great company of family:

After lunch it was time to explore and it was absolutely beautiful.....the leaves r still falling and everything is damp and has lost its "crunch" underfoot but the colours r still amazing......there were mushrooms growing everywhere, so we had fun spotting our favorites:

The red one was a treasure to find and then we found this "colony" growing on and around an old tree stump.......i like to imagine them as little fairy homes!!!! (ok thats the child in me lol).....a short walk through the forest and we reached the pond:

A gorgeous oasis amid the forest......and if the water looks still, thats because it is frozen!!!!

The beauty of our surroundings kept us all captivated and we forgot the was a fantastic day!!! (the children r tired, so r the adults lol).....we definitely have to do that again....soon!!!
On a quilty note:

Sorry guys!!!.......u can take Mum out of the sewing room BUT she manages to take it with her!!!! lol

Take care
Rose xxx


  1. I forget that other parts of the world are headed into winter as I am enjoying new buds on my flowers. Your walk in the woods sounds like a wonderful family adventure.

    Pam @

  2. What a beautiful area you live in!!! That looks amazing! Thank you for sharing Hard to believe the water is frozen *lol*

    We're still having 30 centigrade and not very much wind. Will be a walk in the woods for me tonight, though, in shorts and T-shirt... Hope we get to enjoy our walk as much as you enjoyed yours :o)

    Take care!

  3. Hollybank Forest. I love the name..sounds like the perfect name for a fairy-retreat. :o) Such a beautiful place..wish I were there as it's getting warmer here. I don't do hot weather well.

    Love your new stitchery project. You amaze me.

  4. Looks like a fantastic day! Those weiners and onions look so good, I could eat one right now!

  5. Sounds like you all had fun. We haven't been to Hollybank in years. It is a great place, kids love it!
    Mine are hanging out for a trip to the snow, shouldn't be long now!

  6. My kinda gal!!!Have fun.... Sweatshirts-- fuzzy socks.. maybe a campfire. You'll have yhe best time.

  7. What a wonderful day you had. It seems so strange to read about winter in June. Of course in school we learn the seasons are opposite south of the equator, but it never really sunk in until the Internet and all the "southern" friends I've acquired!

  8. cute house block. its weird to read about your enjoying winter when we are just entering a heat wave lol!

  9. I love Hollybank, it's one of my family's favourite places. Did you hear they are going to do some kind of tourism development there, I hope they don't ruin its magic.

  10. I like to bring my embroidery along also.

    Just can't seem to sit still and not be doing something with my

  11. What wonderful pictures. You are quite a photographer, as well as quilter. Your lunch looks yummy!


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