And The Winners Are....

Congratulations Deb from Layla Lou, Shelina from Shelina's Creations and the lovely Bren from Pieces from Me on being the three winners of my new design "Hugs From Grandma"!!!!......It was a fun experience and the family were all excited tonite when the basket was passed around them and they got to select a lucky winner (and I secretly wanted everyone to win!!!!) So if u girls would kindly email me ur "snail mail" addresses, ill post them ASAP!!!!
I have really enjoyed reading the stories of ur families and it again reiterates just how lucky i have been to be part of 5 generations, twice!!!!
Today has been hectic, this morning i finished off a lot of loose ends, including getting an order of patterns ready to send out, so i had the rest of the day to myself, or so i thought lol An unexpected phone call led to a "huge" order for patterns being placed and they want it "like yesterday" lol sooooo off i go to get it all ready!!!!
For those of u who asked about where my patterns r available from, there is a link in the sidebar to The Country Quilter, who stock my designs or u can email me direct, i have Paypal so International sales r quite quick and easy!!! (all designs r in the sidebar)
Thanx again for all who entered.....ill definetley being doing it again with my next design!!!
Take care
Rose xxx


  1. WOO HOO I am so excited!! I really wanted this pattern and was planning to buy it if I did not win!!! Since I am like the BEST Grandma in the world, I can't wait to stitch that one up!

  2. Congrats to the winners. boo hoo to Congrats Rose on your huge order, I'm sure that made you a happy camper.

  3. Congratulations to Deb, Shelina, and Bren! And congratulations to you to sweetie! For getting another pattern wrapped up and for getting a huge order! Take care and enjoy yourself!
    Hugs from me

  4. Congratulations to Bren, Deb and Shelina :O)
    Rose - wonderful to hear about your huge order :O)
    I'm excited on your behalf!!!
    Enjoy - a lot!!! Hugs

  5. A big order! Congratulations! You'll be a busy little bee by the sound of it. Good luck.

  6. congrats to the girsl who won.........

  7. Congrats on you BIG order girl....
    And Congrats to the winners of you patterns, they are lucky girls.

  8. Congratulations to Bren, Shelina and Deb. It's fun to win!

  9. Thank you so much Rose! I am not surprised that you have orders coming in, because your designs are so pretty!


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