I am totally frustrated (this flu has control and its driving me nuts)....ok i know when we get sick our bodies r just saying, "take a break" but come on, ive had enough lol!!! I suffer terribly from sinus problems, so of course, i now have a sinus infection but im done with the suffering......time to take action!!!! ( and thank goodness for sinus medication). I have sooooooo much i want to get done this month and top of my list is the magazine submission......all i had to do was finalise the instructions and make up the "in progress" samples..........they r done woohoo!!!:

As naive as i am, i always thought these were done whilst making the quilt (maybe if i knew it was going to be in the magazine i would have taken the photos lol) so i have been revisiting an old favorite and making up the samples........they will be posted to the mag on Thursday, giving me just one more day to look for errors!!!!

When i have had the energy, I have been hand quilting my next design (this is the one with a story!!!)....hopefully tommorrow i will finish the cushion, but that depends on how i feel!! Im giving u a sneak peek:

This is sooooo close to release.....and im excited, this is a project close to my heart!!! Its all i have been able to achieve these last few days....but hopefully the worst is behind me!!!
Take care and hope u r stitching (heaps!!!!)
Rose xxx


  1. Oh poor Rose, nothing worse than the flu, time you listened to your body and wnet to bed..... Do I sound like your mum?..... Now that was a big tease only showing part of the stitchery, looking forward to seeing the rest of it. Take care.

  2. You can now relax with your submission all ready to go. Maybe you'll feel better very soon. Get some much needed rest.

  3. That is a "sneek" peek! Hope to see the whole thing SOON. That flu sounds awful! I was thinking about you just yesterday and how it was going since you had not posted in several days. Hope you are on the up-swing!

  4. I truely feel your pain girl... Had a few years with returing sinus infections.... dreadful......

    Glad to hear that you're restless, good sign ;O), but do rest in between...

    Thanks for the sneak peek, looking forward to the rest 8O) good luck with the magazine - that's fun stuff :O)

    Take care

  5. Ohhh, I feel your pain Rose. I used to get sinus infections all the time, so I know what you're going thru. They're just horrible. I ended up having surgery early last year and I haven't had one since *yay*.
    I hope you get some rest, sounds like busy times for you!

  6. Rose your stitchery looks gorgeous. Hearts and bows win me every time.
    Hope you get rid of this rotten flu soon. It's hung around too long!

  7. Hope you get over the flu quickly. That can be so draining. Love your ongoing project.

  8. Poor Rose! I hope you will soon be feeling better. I love your sneak preview. Your quilting is very nice. It makes me homesick for some hand-quilting time!


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