Great Start To The Week

A couple of "finishes" today and some lovely, thoughtful snailmail has made it a great start to the week!!! On Wednesday, our daughter turns 13 so it will be a busy week....a family party on Wed and then a "rollerskating and pizza party" on Saturday for her i have been sewing and sewing and sewing lol. First up, Row D of my SBS quilt is complete, woohooo (this was a challenging, yet fun row):

Hands All Around, Milky Way,Rambler, Mothers Delight & Square and Star

Odd Fellows Patch, Robbing Peter to Pay Paul, Rosebud, Orange Peel & Boys Nonsense

That makes a total of 40 blocks done yeh......100 to go!!!!! ok lol but i soooo love the challenges this quilt soooo tempted to cut the sashings and put the rows together but ill wait just a bit longer (if i can!!!)
Maddis Birthday Quilt top is all ready, just waiting for the guests to sign and then i will quilt and bind it so happy with this, although the pictures arent so good and Maddi just loves it....what a great memory quilt (the cream squares r for signing):

with a special message from us: (which actually says "We love you Maddi xxx")

Im proud of myself, its finished and ready (and Im not up stitching till the late hours tommorrow nite, before her, ill be wrapping pressies lol)

I went to the mailbox this morning and guess what i found.......not one, but two pressies from special friends made through blogging.......both of these gorgeous ladies made me feel so special and i treasure their friendships......firstly from Anne, she sent me this lovely postcard from Rondune, where she was recently vacationing with her is just a beautiful part of the world and i can imagine building a house with THAT view to sew to everyday!!! And then i got a parcel from Leigh, with this adorable "Family Tree Quilt" with the most amazing little stitchery (that i cant wait to get my hands on!!!!) and a lovely card that i will treasure:

It feels so wonderful to recieve such thoughtful gifts and i feel blessed......having no quilting friends, i have embraced blogland, its like a quilting group that i visit everynite and they r so accepting and supportive of me........all is good, flu is gone (eventually) and im all ready to tackle my Medallion quilt!!!!

Take care
Rose xxx


  1. Maddie's quilt is wonderful and it will make a life long memory!!! The SBS blocks are beautiful. Feels good to get a row done! I am going to start the CWDQ soon and will feel the same accomplishment! Great snail mail!! You are loved!

  2. You have been busy Rose, I'm reading the first 3 books in the Elm Creek series and have had thoughts of doing the quilt, just thoughts at the moment. Maddie's quilt looks lovely and I'm sure her friends will enjoy signing it. Well done on not having to burn the midnight oil to get it completed.

  3. lots of blocks you have been busy.......very nice............

  4. I love Maddi's quilt, and can't believe you have it done before deadline! I never would. =)

    Your SBS blocks are great. Oh, go ahead, Put some sashings around them. You know you want to. =)

    Great squishies in the mail!

  5. Great job on the blocks, they look great. Maddi's quilt is fantastic - another pattern coming up?? I would be lost with out my stitch and bitch girls, I'm glad you found blogging.

  6. Way to go on the D-row!!! I knew you could do it! The blocks look so lovely! Makes me think I should start all over with a crisp white background and lots of lovely bright colours! Like I have the time *lol*

    Maddi's birthday quilt looks fabulous! She will love it, with all her friends having signed it! And the special square from you are lovely! I agree with Leigh about you making a pattern for this one!

    Have fun preparing for a teenager's birthday party!
    Lots of hugs!

  7. You do a lot of nice woork. Thanks for shearing. I'll be back for more. :-)


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