♥♥♥ Happy 13th Birthday Maddi ♥♥♥

To my gorgeous daughter,

Happy 13th Birthday sweetheart!!! Time has passed so quickly, one day i was holding u in my arms and the next u are this gorgeous young woman. U captivated me then (id spend hours just watching u sleep) and u still do now. I love ur spirit and ur joy for life and i admire ur confidence and ur enthusiasm.

I love the time we spend together, those late nights with movies and popcorn, or those dance sessions (how bad am i??? lol) or those long chats we have about anything and everything (ok not so much about the cute boys lol) or the times we cook together, or when we just mess around like silly girls!!!! Each and every moment is precious to me and i know it is to u as well.........ur family is very important to u, ur love for all of us is admirable.

You have always been a "daddies girl" and i love to watch the two of u working on ur homework or just sitting and talking.........dad loves u so much and ur friendship has been a delight!!! At times u give him a "run for his money" but that bond is just so strong!!!! Cohen just adores u, and u adore him...he looks to u for everything and u always have the time to help him or teach him.........its been a wonderful experience watching the two of u grow together!!

You have taught me so much about myself. I have looked deeper into who i am, to be the best mother for u and for ur brother but most importantly u have taught me that whatever u dream, u can do!!! Nobody can tell u that "it cant be done", if its what u want then u set about making it happen and u succeed!!!

You can be stubborn (not sure who u got that from hmmmm lol) but u stand strong to ur convictions.......dont ever change, continue to walk "to the beat of ur own drum", u know what u want from life and its all there for the taking and whatever u chose u know ur biggest "fanclub" (mum, dad and Cohen) is right behind u, cheering u on!!!

I do so love u, my little "Muff", i hope ur birthday is special and i look forward to watching u grow more and more everyday and remember, mum is always here for u, no matter what!!!

Enjoy ur day!!!
I love u with every beat of my heart, every breathe of my body and every inch of my soul!!!
Mum xxx


  1. What a beautiful letter to your daughter Rose, and such a pretty young lady. Happy Birthday Maddi, you're a very lucky young lady to have such a wonderful mum.

  2. Oh, such a beautiful post, Rose! You have a lovely way of expressing your love for your family! They are lucky to have you, as you are fortunate to have them :o)

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MADDI!!! Hope you are feeling well, and are up to your party! The plans sounds like fun!

  3. Hello Maddi.

    Kind Segards,

    Sonnja from the Netherlands

  4. What a beautiful letter! Your relationship sounds so precious. Happy Birthday Maddi!!! Enjoy your day and your quilt!

  5. Ohhhhhhhhhhh. How lovely. Sniff.

    Happy birthday Maddi. You're a teenager now. Congratulations!!! Have a wonderful birthday and a great party :-)

    P.s. How old does that make you feel mum? lol.

  6. Happy Birthday Maddi. lovely letter Rose, I know just how you feel.

  7. You have very nice SBS-blocks. Look at my blog, I've finished the first three!

  8. What an inspiring letter for you daughter. Happy Birthday, Maddi!

  9. That's so wonderful! She is a beautiful young woman. How lucky you both are.

  10. happy birthday to a special beautiful girl..........


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