Postcard From Anne!!!

Today i recieved a postcard from Anne Ida, who had been in England for a couple of weeks and then followed that up with a holiday to the mountains with friends. She is such a sweetie to remember me and send me something from Leeds!!!! Quilters r such wonderful people and i have been blessed to make such wonderful friends on here!!
I have put her postcard on my inspiration wall, among a lot of my favorite things!!! I have really missed her these last 3 weeks (we email each other at least 3 times a day lol!!!) but i know she will be home soon with news of her holiday!! She is my mentor with the SBS quilt, although i havent sewn any since she has been away lol (i got some cut though which i will sew soon!!)
Thnx for the postcard sweetie
Rose xxx


  1. You are very welcome, sweetie! Hope you are having a great and productive day!

    Lots of hugs from me

  2. Quilty friends are for sure the BEST!!

  3. Friends and postcards, instant inspiration. The world of quilting is a wonderful one!!!
    Enjoy :O)


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