That Purple Quilt

Today i started sewing together the blocks i had ready for Madelines birthday quilt:

Once the stitchery blocks (for her guests to sign) r finished the quilt grows quickly:

She is really happy with the way its going, she loves the colours and shes quite eager to see it finished. It got me thinking back to 2 years ago.......and "that purple quilt".
I had just made Cohen a new quilt and Maddi and I decided that it was time for a new one for this was at a time when she was "horse crazy" and everything had to be purple. So we drafted out a rough design and set off to the LQS......big mistake lol. She walked in and instantly loved this bright purple floral fabric and we had to build a whole quilt around it, a quilt with horses on it:

This quilt was way out of my comfort zone (i do not like purple!!!), i really struggled with every stitch (its all hand appliqued, hand sewn and hand quilted) but every nite her eagerness to see the quilt grow kept me sewing. Part way through the quilt, she decided she wanted a "Phantom Stallion" (her favorite book at the time) in the centre, another challenge:

After 4 months of sewing and having to work with colours that were just not me, i gave the completed quilt to her (secretly happy to have the whole experience behind me lol). She was thrilled and that first nite she went to bed, snuggled up underneath her new quilt, i looked at it differently. It was so "her" and she loved it.........thats what quilting is all about!!!
Take care
Rose xxx


  1. Rose, The horse quilt is gorgeous!! I do not care for purple either unless it is a dusty 1800 type purple. My dd's favorite color is purple too. The purple horse quilt makes me rethink my dislike for purple. What a beauty!And you are right...she loved it, it was "her" and that is what quilting is all about. Madeline's quilt is wonderful. I love those colors too...they are in my color box!

  2. Rose those colours for Madeline's birthday quilt are wonderful. I'm with you on purple, it's not my most favorite colour, but the horse quilt is stunning.

  3. Ohh, another lovely post form you.
    You should be very proud of the horse quilt, it is absolutely superb. Another deign for threadbare creations????
    Maddi's signature quilt will be gorgeous too.
    What lucky children :-)

  4. great quilts. love the colors and the horses are fantastic

  5. Whether you liked the purple or not, you made a beautiful quilt, and it was just what she wanted at the time. =) I like the stitchery signature blocks that you are putting in the new quilt.

  6. That is such a cool quilt! You are such a good mum :)) Just think - she will have that quilt forever - and one day her children will enjoy sleeping under it!

  7. The horse quilt is gorgeous. The siggie quilt is even better. Did you use Leanne's idea to make it?

  8. What a great quilt! My granddaughter would love both the purple and the horses. You have stitched a lot of love into that one.

  9. That quilt is amazing - and I really appreciate the effort it must have taken to make it in colours you didn't love - your daughter is a lucky girl! Lucy

  10. The things we do for our little darlings! But it as all well worth it when you see them snuggled under them!
    Well done on quitting work, I don't think anyone ever lay on their death bed and said I wish i had worked more....whatever works for you and your family, tracey

  11. You hand pieced, appliqued and quilted that in FOUR MONTHS??

    Wow. I am such an underachiever.

    Having people give you gifts that are perfect for you is one of the nicest things. Not only did you put an insane amount of work into it, but you took the time to consider who your daughter really is and what is important to her. I think that is the mostly lovely thing a mom can do.

  12. Your quilt is very originale, very beautiful.


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