UFO's and Etsy Shop

There has been a lot of blogging talk on UFO's and I have my far share of these....at the beginning of the year i printed out a nice little list of all my unfinished projects and the list totalled 16 items. I have managed to finish 8 off this list but in the meantime i have created quite a few more.....oh well, they will make next years list!!!!
At the moment my sewing room looks like a diaster area. I have bits and pieces of all im working on, all over the place and it only looks organised to me. Friday i sat down and wrote a list of all the things i wanted finished this month and then set to work. The first was this cushion:

Now this was a quick UFO finish, all it needed was the back put on and it is now my first item for the Etsy shop im going to set up this week. The stitcheries r from my Family Values designs and from time to time i plan on making items for the shop using these designs. The second item is this tablerunner:

I had the stitcheries and Nine patches all together, but i had to sew up the centre star block and then quilt and bind it (photos not great sorry, ill take a better one for the shop).
So that cleaned up a couple of areas in the sewing room this weekend and under all the chaos were some loggies, desperatley waiting to be sewn so today i got those finished which brings my tally to 408....only 72 to go!!!
Just a quick note to a couple of my "special lurkers"..............Happy 35th Birthday to my little sister!!!! Glad u had a great day and our lunch was fantastic!!!!.......plus to Georgie, congratulations on going back to TAFE, i wish u all the best for your exciting new journey (shes becoming a hairdresser and im so proud of her following her dreams!!!). Have a great first day tommorrow!!!!
Back to the UFO's for me,
Take care
Rose xxx


  1. What a cute table runner and pillow. Don't you feel better knowing your cleaned a corner of your room and finished two projects at the same time?

  2. The pillow and tablerunner are beautiful! You made quite a dent in your UFO list! I just managed to ad another one to mine, though I don't count it as a UFO if my hands touch it on a regular basis.

  3. Rose, Your 'Family Values'quilt, pillow and table runner are all absolutely outstanding! The colors are so soft and lovely and your handiwork is beautiful. You are one talented woman!

  4. Lovely work Rose, isn't it a wonderful feeling to croos off the ufo list? I'm closer to doing that too.

  5. Well done you clever little thing!! I don't know how you manage to do it all. The cushion is really cute and I LOVE the table runner. The centre star just really sets it off.

  6. I gave up keeping track of my UFO's.
    The pillow and table runner are beautiful. I really love stitchery and patchwork together. Great design. :-D

  7. Isn't it wonderful to make progress on the UFO pile?? I don't even keep track as I create more than I tick off. Love the pillow and table runner.

  8. Hello Rose...
    Checking in, summer holliday up here....
    Love that you are working on UFO's. Isn't it wonderful to get them off the list??? Makes room for other projects ;O)

    Have a lovely week

  9. Very, very cute. And good for you - making a list and committing yourself to completing the items on your list. I should let you inspire me to do the same. HMMM - I need to think about it a bit. LOL

  10. Wow, you remind me of my (too) long to-do-list. Cleaning your work-place and finishing projects can be quite a relieve! You make wonderful things!

  11. love the table runner! congrats on making headway on your UFO list


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