8 Random Things

Sarah tagged me to share 8 random things about myself. As i have done this twice before (and bared myself with the Family Values Blocks) i had to think long and hard (cause im not that interesting lol).......so here we go Sarah:

1. I dont mingle. I tend to stick with a few people i know or keep to myself and just watch!!
2. My first plane ride was at age 36!! (and i live on an island lol)
3. Im addicted to blogland (ok that was an obvious one!!)
4. I love Shakespeare (and Tennesse Williams)
5. I love all things Egyptian!! My jewellery collection contains items of Egyptian symbolism, my favorite being the Lotus Flower ( representing all four symbols, earth, air, fire and water!!)
6. I am developing (pardon the pun) a love of photography, all due to blogging. Ive signed up for a drawing class (hope they start with stick men cause im good at them lol) and then ill do some photography classes!!
7. Im a cat lover but we own a dog!!! (ok i adore our springer spaniel!!!)
8. Last one (phew lol!!)......I am in a really great place in my life right now, im about to turn 40, i have the love and support of my wonderful family, when i go "to work" i get to design and sew and im loving it!!! My mind is active and constantly full of new ideas and i greet each precious day with a smile. I have made so many new and wonderful friends and the future holds so much for me........bring it on!!!!
Im meant to tag others but ill leave it up to u....if u feel like posting 8 Random Things About U then go for it!!! (and let me know if u do so i can read them)
Take care
Rose xxx


  1. You're just full of surprises! :-)))

  2. We are the same on numbers one and four, as well as seven, except we don't own a dog, though we have at times.

    I always like to read these, but hate to do them. =)

  3. What fun things to learn about you!

    BTW...way to go! 480 blocks...amazing!!!


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