"Crazy" For The Theatre & Great Service!!

Saturday Maddi and I went to the Theatre to see "Crazy For You". Is it so magical to see a live performance, the costumes, the sets, the orchestra and the cast, where all fantastic. I love the way the music vibrates through ur body, i think i had the same rush of excitement as the curtain went up as i did as a child going to the theatre with my mum!!!
It was a great show, almost 3 hours long (so u can imagine our butts where numb after sitting in those old, uncomfortable seats) ......but it was well worth it. I remember the first time i went to the theatre (and seriously i dont think they have redecorated in those 33 years lol), my mum took me to see the Ballet "Carmen". I swear i clapped that hard at the end, my little hands were red!!!! I admired that Prima Ballerina so much and wanted to be just like her, but sadly to be a Ballerina u need to have grace and elegance and co-ordination.....all the things i lack, sigh!!!!
It was lovely to share the whole experience with Maddi, she loved all the singing and dancing, oh yeah and one of the boys in the cast was "cute" lol (her eyes followed him around the stage most of the time!!!!)
We also decided it was time to shop for a new machine. I have been saving for awhile now and this last week or so, my Janome has been an absolute nitemare to work on, so it was time. I rang the store i had in mind, earlier in the morning to check what time they closed.....the great service began with that call. They offered to wait till i could get into the store and not wanting to be a bother to them, we went straight in.
Now when u walk into a shop like that, there r so many machines and u really wouldnt know where to start but these people sat me down and we talked about what i needed from the machine, what machine i had used before and what my price range was and then out of all of these machines they put 3 possibilities in front of me. The first one was within the price range and it was quite impressive and did exactly what i needed, the second one was much more expensive and the third was kinda in between.........but she had sold us on the second one!!! (looks admiringly at DH........have i mentioned how wonderful my DH is????)
And then out of the blue, she offered us a "bit better" price on the second one.......deal sealed thnx!!! ( i dont negotiate price, im just not comfortable doing that!!!).......ohhhh and its a dream to sew on. I could actually do free motion without gritting my teeth and tensing my body and its got an alphabet and all these beautiful stitches, so i can actually make my own quilt labels....woohoo!!! (did i mention how wonderful my DH is???)
So its all ordered and it should be ready for me to pickup in 2-3 days........i havent felt like sewing on my "old fossil" since!!!!.......cant wait for it to arrive (did i mention how wonderful lol..........love u darling!!!!!)
These people offered great service and took the stress out of finding the right machine for me!!
Take care


  1. Oh Rose lucky you on all counts.
    There is nothing to compare to live theatre, we have tried to instill a love for it in our children too. I'm glad Maddi enjoyed it.
    WOWOWWOWOW I can't believe how lucky you are to be getting a new "you beaut" machine. I am green with envy,lol.
    And how lucky are you to have such a great dh.

  2. Now Rose that really was a huge tease, you didn't tell us what your getting. But I'm still green with envy.

  3. 2-3 days is not long to wait...can't wait for the unveiling. The theatre trip with Maddi sounds wonderful. A great memory for you both. By the way, did you know how wonderful your dh is??? LOL

  4. Now I am curious which machine you have bought :-)

  5. Sounds like a fabulous time with your daughter. How cool to have a family tradition and pass it along. =)

    So, which machine did you buy????

  6. Lucky you! Have fun with your new toy.
    I know how it feels though, my Hunney just bought me a new machine for my brthday, as soon as I knew I was getting it I didn't want to use my old dinosaur either! Like you mine has many new to me functions. It really is a joy to use.
    What did you get by the way? Nosey so and sews need to know!

  7. Customer service is always important. If I don't get good customer service I won't go back to a store.

    Now, what kind of machine did you get?

  8. Lucky girl ! Bet you can't wait - you need to lock yourself in the sewing room for a couple of hours and have a good play ! Is your DH blushing from all the compliments - lol!

  9. How wonderful to get a new sewing machine. Which Janome did you get? I have one that is on my quilt machine. After the latest tuneup, it works wonderfully.

  10. Hi Rose....congrats on the new machine. The theatre trip sounded grand....lucky you to have such a sweet hubby!

  11. Lucky you. Can't wait to see which machine you got.
    DH and I love the theatre too. I just wish we could get more in our area.

  12. Reading your post reminded me that we saw CRAZY FOR YOU several years ago in NYC. I enjoyed it a lot but I don't remember most of it. Getting a new machine sounds pretty special.

  13. I love live theatre, too. Jim and I used to have season tickets for the area shows and loved each and every one of them. Lucky you to get a new machine, too. Enjoy and sew away.


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