Row E Complete

The last few days have been quite tiring and emotional, so we took sometime out this weekend just to enjoy the peace and quiet. The weather has gone from constant rain and gale force winds to more relaxed sunny winters days.......a time where u want to stay outdoors for as long as u can. I used the time to finish some handstitching and some yummy SBS blocks. Heres Row E:

Nine Patch, Corn and Beans, Chicago Pavements, Indiana Rose, Handy Andy

Jack in the Pulpit, Ribbon Star, Lincolns Platform, Queen Charlottles Cown, Hunters Star
This row hasnt been to bad, a few tricky ones, but Row F looks challenging (Anne look out, Ill need ur help!!!!)
I also finished my stitchery for the giving a sneak peak (maybe more than i should)....because it is for someone else, i stress to much, but everything that could go wrong DID go wrong.......i just hope she loves it!!!!

Friday marked the 12 month memorial of my FIL's passing. The time seems to have flown but when u look back and really think about all the things Dad has missed this last year, it seems longer. U relive that day, remembering where u were (almost to the minute).... i wish he was here to see how strong and independant my MIL has become and how much his beloved grandkids have grown or how wonderful and supportive his son is!!! like to cook him dinner, one more time!!!!

Good news, which also made me cry lol the final advertisement approvals came through for my BOM quilt. For those who have seen them, im so glad u share my excitement!!! and we know which ones my favorite lol!!!.......its a dream come true to see not only my quilt, but my print.......i still look at them throughout the day and have to pinch myself that "its all about to happen"!!!

Which leads to Threadbare working on a new design (actually stitched the first stitches tonite), so i needed a shopping trip to help kick start the whole venture. Now i looooooove to go to the quilt shop for my fabrics but for all those other essentials, i visit the local Spotlight store (for the local girls............we HAVE to pay for parking now!!!!! grrrr). I could shop all day in the sewing supplies, i love looking at all the cottons and needles, tape measures and templates etc etc............but today i had a very impatient 5 yr old in tow, so shopping was at the minimum lol:

Just had to have those scissors.........cause they r cute (not because i need any!!!), think i got a scissor fettish lol and ok those 2 fabrics where just what i needed lol

Got my sons first school excursion tommorrow at the museum......wish me luck!!! and congrats to Maddi (her half year school results came thru in the mail ur a star!!!)

take care
Rose xxx


  1. Sweetie, the E-row looks fantastic!!! Way to go!!! And just yell for all help you might need on the F-row, it's really not as hard as it looks (still have night mares about F9, but that's it *lol*).

    Love the sneak peak of the stitchery for the swap :o) And look forward to seeing the next Threadbare Design!

    Congratulations to you on the final ad aproval, and to Maddi on her school results! Have fun at the museum tomorrow!

    Lots of hugs!

  2. Rose, awesome SBS blocks. Anne Ida got me turned on to this quilt. I have half of row A complete. My may need support from both of you as I continue this journey.

  3. Your stitchery pre-view looks amazing. Some-one is going to be very lucky ! Also the SBS blocks are fab. May start this one after my Dear Jane - in about 6 years time lol !

  4. Rose I'm sorry you had an emotional weekend, I'm hoping the new week brings freshness to you and your family. I love your sneak peak at your stitchery swap item. If the receiver doesn't like it can you give her my address?'d give it a loving home.
    Does that mean in a few years time we'll be able to say we knew Rose when?... Congrats on the final approvals.

  5. You have been one busy sewer/quilter/stitcher. :-) Love everything you're doing. I can't wait to see your BOM and your new design(s). Congratulations!

    The recepient of your "sneak peek" stitchery will love it - relax!

  6. I have nominated you for Rocking girl blogger

  7. Rose you should be so very proud of yourself, I think you are amazing. I don't sew or quilt or stitch as you know, but I get so excited to see something new you have created. I also have two very impressive school reports sitting here, our kids are doing a great job and growing into fine young adults. I hope this week is a happier one for you and i hope to talk to you soon.

  8. Your stitchery swap peek is WONDERFUL. Very detailed; you can tell. So sorry about your FIL. I still miss mine too and it was 12 years last July. Can't wait to see the new design.

  9. Rose your blocks look so interesting. Your stitchery looks gorgeous - wish it was coming my way, lol.
    Congrats to Maddi and have fun with Cohen.
    I'm so glad you showed your purchases. The blue marking pen is the type I like but I couldn't remember where I had bought it. Yay! Now another excuse to go back to spotlight,lol.

  10. Your blocks are very nice, indeed! I've not finished row A yet, I have some bigger quilts to finish first...I love your comments on my blog, and I hope you're satisfied with my English. It's very funny to read yours...with abbreviations I've not heard before. On Thursday this week I have to start work again after wummer holidays, and I'll be occupied with other things. Autumn is here soon...
    And what about A.I.'s SBS quilt? Isn't it just fantastic? I think I'll have to see her when I go to Oslo some time in the future... Have a nice day over there!
    Hugs from Elin.

  11. Sorry to hear you had such a hard weekend. The first year anniversary is always the hardest. Time does seem to pass by so quickly!

    Your SBS blocks look so good. When you see Anne's all together you know how great it is going to look!

    Congratulations on all your Threadbare news!!

  12. Rose, I am looking forward to seeing more of your blocks, the ones you have done so far look just great!! And, I bet your swap partner will just love what you have made for her :-)
    PS: Consider yourself tagged :-)
    Check my blog for more info....

  13. The e-row is great! I love this whole thing that you are doing - SBS. The swap stitchery - I wanna see it all! LOL! The goodies you bought are just fun, and I love those scissors, too, though I haven't succumbed yet to buying any.

    I know you will always miss your FIL. It sounds like he was a real part of your lives. He'd be proud to know how you've all gone on, and happy to be missed, I think.

  14. Very nice blocks! I've made 14 so far....
    Thanks for your comments!


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