Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Swaps, Tags and Awards

I have finally finished my quilt for the Four Seasons Swap. Its been sitting there waiting for binding for weeks but now its all ready to go to the Post Office and to my partner:

I think i tried too hard to put all of my partners preferences into the one little quilt and im not sure it is the look she wanted but............all i can hope is that this is what she had in mind when she was writing her preferences!!!! (I should not have photographed it on a wooden table, sorry its hard to see)

Linda, the sweetie has awarded me the "You Make Me Smile Award" which is such a lovely honour and i promise to wear my badge proudly!!! I visit her blog everyday and her posts r always so warm, they make u smile!!

So many bloggers r deserving of this award, it is wonderful to jump online and be inspired by a talented group of special women, some make me laugh, some make me smile but all of them make me feel part of this quilting community. Now i get to pass this award on (which i will at the end of this post).

The lovely Bren, tagged me for a meme (sorry i took so long to play along!!), apparently i have to use the letters of my middle name (Sharon) to share something about here goes:

S- stubborn (self explainatory lol)
H- happy (i love life and what i do)
A- artistic (well i think so lol)
R- responsible (sorry DH one of us has to be lol)
O- optimistic (thats what keeps me smiling)
N- nurturing ( i take everyone under my wing, thats just me!!)

Now the rules of this meme are that i have to tag 6 other people to participate and these people also receive the "You Make Me Smile Award" here is my 6 (although i could name 60!!):
Anne Ida, Leigh, Debi, Susan, Elin and Tazzie.

Not only do u guys make me smile in ur blogs but also when i see ur name in my inbox!!!
Take care
Rose xxx


Anne Ida said...

Thank you for the award, sweetie! I'm honored!

Your fall quilt is wonderful!!! I'm sure your swap partner will love it! If not, let her know she can send it to me :o)

Elin said...

....or to me!!
Thanks for the award, I'm touched and honoured. I love your quilts, and I love your comments on my work. I wanna go to Tasmania....

loulee1 said...

Your swap quilt is a cutie.

Congrats on the award.

Wendy said...

Your swap quilt is fantastic, I'm sure your partner will be excited to receive it.

Leigh said...

Ah, I see this is a ploy to get me posting ;-)
It just might work,haha.

Debi said...

Oh my goodness, my first award, thank you...I don't know what to do now. I love your little quilt, wish it was mine.

Rose Marie said...

You swap quilt is lovely and I like the added touch of the embroidered leaves!

Tazzie said...

Thank you so much Rose, you are such a sweetheart.
Your little quilt is just gorgeous, the recipient is going to adore it!

Jeanne said...

I'm betting your swap partner will be thrilled when she receives that quilt. It is gorgeous.

Patti said...

Your swap quilt is wonderful! I can't imagine that your swap partner won't be thrilled!

Supermom said...

the quilt is gorgeous. who wouldnt love it! take a close up so we can read the embroidery.

Quilting Journey said...

All of your quilts and quiltings are so unbelievably gorgeous Rose...almost as pretty as the flower you must have been named after...Rose of Sharon...I think it is one of the loveliest of flowers...just like you!!!

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