Impulse Shopping

The sights, smells and sounds of nature are never more inspiring than in im blaming Spring on my impulse shopping today!!!

Just a walk around our garden heightens the senses. The sun is warm and shining brightly, the birds r singing (theres a hint there lol), the trees r blooming and full of buds and there is so much colour:

Some much beauty:

And gorgeous little treasures to be found:

So what was my impulse buy, inspired by Spring u ask??? Did i grab a stash of that gorgeous floral fabric Sally has in the shop?? no!! Did i buy one of those pretty floral rotary cutters that i just love??? no!!! this impulse buy was a huge one, even by my standards and i have to admit Cohen (my partner in crime) was in on it too lol............ta dah!!!!:

Meet Bill and Joe (named by Cohen). These r Bourke Parakeets and they r just sooooo sweet. Their colours r so pretty, going from quite pink on their fronts to a beautiful purple around their wings. They havent stopped chattering away since we brought them home...........and of course u cant just buy the birds, u need the cage (which is taller than Cohen) the seed etc etc but they were so worth it. Ive been sitting out on the patio, reading my Elm Creek Novel enjoying their little chatter and their sweet nature!!!
Hmmmm what will Les say when he gets home???? lol


  1. geez we going to have to feed them plenty or theres no way they will be ready for Xmas dinner

    Luv you heaps baby xxxxxxxxx

  2. Oh ur terrible!!! Now ur having a vegetarian Xmas dinner!!! lol
    luv u heaps too xxxxx

  3. Well at least he has a good sense of They are adorable. Are they talkers?

  4. You don't need to wait for Xmas Les, I've heard parakeet pie is a delicacy in some countries. LOL.

  5. Heehee!!! Sorry, you guys have me laughing here! :o) And Leigh's comments were a perfect addition! Heehee!

    No... Rose, don't let Les at them for Xmas dinner :o) Such beauty must be enjoyed living! They must be perfect company for you in reading the CCQ :o)

    Thank you for sharing the beautiful photos of your garden! Makes me long for summer...

  6. Oh my goodness Rose, welcome to the world of pet birds. We several peach-face love birds. Just remember if you tired of the noise, just cover the cage!!!

  7. Enjoy your joyful company and don't let anyone with mean intentions come near your sweeties!! And enjoy your Elm Creek novel! I too have them, but have no time to start reading them yet. I know that if I start to read, nothing else will be done for a long long time! :o)

  8. I want you to know I love your small blocks!! Gorgeous separately or put together...

    Lovely birdies!!!


  9. I'm glad I'll be able to see Spring and Summer on your blog as Fall is here and Winter is not far off. Cute birds! I was expecting to see fabric.


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