In the words of Alice Cooper...........Schools Out For Summer!!!!!.

Today represented the end of a long school year!!! For both our children it was a year of new experiences, new friendships and new schools.

Maddi: what can i say, this was your first year of High School and your sheer determination, your focus, your leadership and your sensibility saw your thrive......yeah there were times when things got tough but our ability to talk things through and find solutions, made it easier!!!
Congratulations on your award and ur amazing end of year report!!!......u deserve it soooo much and Mum and Dad r so proud of u!!!

Cohen: our little man, who entered school so shy and unsure of himself, u walked out today with a wonderful group of friends and u have accomplished so much. You have grown so much (2 shoes sizes to be exact this year lol) and ur confidence, ur enthusiasm and ur knowledge has excelled.............well done our little man for your amazing "first school report" and also well done for your Xmas drawing appearing in our local newspaper today!!!!! (How cool was that????)

Many mums dread the holidays...........but i LOVE them!!!! i have my children home and as a special bonus i have DH home for 5 weeks as well!!! We have many plans, many goals and we always chose a common theme to our holidays (anal retentive i know lol) but this year i really want to encourage the kids to explore their surroundings, take notice of the little things around them and appreciate them..............but most importantly we will have fun, lots of exploring!!!!!but heaps of fun!!!

Not much to show on the quilty side............i, like everyone else have been busy preparing for Xmas, looking after my MIL (who unfortunatley is worrying us greatly, again) and catching up with wonderful friends............thanx guys, i have really enjoyed the time with all of u. I know we get busy but we are all chasing our dreams......yet when we meet up, its like "not a day has passed".........i love that!!!


  1. How wonderful to have the kids and the DH all to yourself for the next several week. I hope you have a very Merry Christmas.

  2. I am the same way, I have been SO looking forward to Christmas break, so that I could spend some time with my daughters! I miss my big girl while she's off in school every day! :)


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