Saturday, February 23, 2008

Fun Stuff

After a very long wait, the February edition of Homespun magazine hit the stands and in it is my first commission:

I was thrilled with the presentation of my looks like it could be hanging in my very own kitchen. I have a pine hutch which holds a Real Old Willow dinnerset, given to us by my grandfather as an engagement present. Also my Winter Swap Quilt arrived:

How cute is he?? Thank you sooooo much Sherry V, I love it!! It will surely brighten up the cold winter months ahead!!
Finally May Britt awarded me this award:

Thank you so much, it really made my day. I had been feeling a little down after saying goodbye to Anne Ida. Its amazing how special blogland really is. So many of you make my day and I treasure the friendships I have made, the comments you leave and the inspiration I find on your blogs. So I award this to all of you.

I have just received an email from Anne Ida letting me know she has arrived home safely!! Sweetie, you know my little story behind this photo:

Mange klemmer min venn. Miss you heaps xxx


ELIN - "The quilt maiden" said...

I want to buy this magazine, is it nr. 2/08? Maybe you could send a pic of the front page?

Anne Ida said...

Hi, sweetie! Miss you heaps, too! The leaf looks so alone in it's puddle after the other one flew away :( Take care and biiiig hugs!!!

Mar said...

Congrats on your commission, that is very exciting. I hope I can find it. It's a beautiful piece. The snowman is adorable, what a cutie!

k said...

Congratulations on your commission, I bet you were excited to see it printed in the magazine.

The snowman is gorgeous! What a lovely gift.

Christine said...

Congratulations on having your design published in Homespun - one of my favourite magazines. I'm sure it will be the first of many. Also congrats for the award from May Britt.

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