Saturday Sampler Class

Just thought I'd share an update of my Saturday Sampler Class. Over the weeks it has evolved into a close knit group who love to share ideas and projects and spur each other on with their Cottage Sampler Quilts. There's heaps of conversation, that has nothing to do with quilting and loads of laughs....... its truly a wonderful day: the only job Ive ever WANTED to go to and I only check my watch probably twice in 6 hours!!!

Kathy is the first one to finish her quilt top. She had a stash of William Morris that she really wanted to use up. This quilt is for her husband:

Its odd to see this in the King Size (12" blocks) when I originally designed this in 6" blocks but it looks amazing!!! There are maybe a few blocks I would have done differently if I had of made this size quilt up myself, but Im soooooo proud of Kathy and I know she is proud of her achievement!!

Pat is very close to final assembly. She only has the applique block to go and then she will have a completed top:

She has all the Checkerboard borders ready, so she is so close!!! And yes Pat, I know you are soooooooooooo over checkerboards lol!!!

Faye has been my only student, game enough to tackle the 6" blocks and she has done a fantastic job!! Watching everyone else with their larger blocks has been a bit daunting but she has done exceptionally well!!!:

Only a few more blocks Faye and you are almost there!!!

Pam has only just started classes and her vibrancy shows through with her fabric choices:

She is doing a wonderful job, Im proud of all my Saturday ladies!!!

There are more Sampler quilts to share, but sadly not every week do I remember to pack the camera (in my eagerness to get there lol). Ill try and keep you posted in the next few weeks.

We also had 2 lovely women join our Saturday group today, one just for the company while she works on her own quilts and another lady who designed her own amazing quilt. She had already chosen her fabrics, Moda Sonnet and she just needed to learn the basics to get her started...........which ended up with me teaching an impromptu paper piecing class lol but as always it was a wonderful day, one that was very productive for them.......... for me?? i just managed to stitch about 10 stitches into one of my Tender Moments designs!!!


  1. WOW Rose, Your students have fabulous quilts in the works! I wish so much I was closer and could take classes with you. It sounds like a great group, much fun to be had. I sent something to you via snail mail. Let me know when it arrives. Julie

  2. Isn't it a great feeling to see your students doing so well. It sounds like everyone is having a wonderful time in Saturday's.

  3. Your students are doing a great job,so and are you!
    It's so fun to see your quilt in different colour-choices.

  4. It is so nice to have a job that you really enjoy - and you are really good at!! It looks like the ladies are doing a great job under your guidance :)))

  5. You and the ladies have done such a great job, sweetie!!! Lots of great colour variations, and they look like great piecers!

    I love how Kathy's quilt top turned out! You know I had some doubts about blowing the blocks up from 6" to 12", but this looks so great! You have to tell her from me next time you see her!

  6. Hi Rose,
    I know that room. I took myself there for a Friendship group on Wed night. Do you ever go?? Cathyx

  7. You must be so proud of your students. They are producing some great quilts - obviously have a very fine teacher. Look forward to an update sometime.


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