Im busy working on my new BOM, which should be finished in the next few days and i seriously need a little distraction. A while ago Kelly tagged me and I promised to play along, so here goes:

Five things found in your handbag:
1. My mobile..... Im lost without it and seem to be attached to it thesedays!!
2. My Wallet...it just holds my cards and loose change for parking meters!!
3. Notebook and pencil.....I design while im waiting to pick up the kids from school.
4. Makeup purse.....Cant leave home without the eyeliner!!
5. Fabric swatches.....I could make a small quilt with these swatches lol

Five favorite things in your sewing room:
1. My cutting table....perfect height, great drawer space and heaps of room
2. My "Princess".....she sews so beautifully!!!!!
3. My Laptop......i use this sooooo much!!
4. My Inspiration wall.....it keeps growing, its comforting and inspiring to the eye!!!
5. My new 2 door cupboard......this houses my fabric, so cool, so much space....so much fabric!!!

Five things Ive always wanted to do:
1. Be a Mum...... and Im blessed to do just that....the most important job in the world!!
2. Write......Im a frustrated author, hence so many words in my designs!!!
3. See Europe......but i will soon, wont I Anne Ida!!!
4. Visit the Pyramids......oh how cool would that be, might take a detour on the way to Norway!!
5. Renew my vows on my 20th anniversary with just our children as witnesses........Feb 2009 is just around the corner, stay tuned (dont tell the family)!!

Five things you are currently into:
1. Blogging.....is there more to life??? lol
2. Stephanie Meyers Novels..... Maddi and I cant wait for the first movie!!
3. Reality TV......its mindless and I can stitch away!!
4. Cooking.....love trying new recipes and seeing my families faces when i announce its a new experience to try!!!
5. Music....next to my family, my sewing, music is right up there...... rock on!!!!

Five people I want to tag:
Feel free to play along!!!

Thanks Kelly, i really needed this!!! It gave me a little fun while working!!


  1. Heehee! Yup! Getting you to Europe is top priority :o)

    Great to hear you have gotten the cupboard in place!

  2. That's enough distraction..........now get back to work................lol
    A Jules

  3. Yeah, I'm a reality tv addict too...lol* I also love to write, I think that's the biggest reason I started blogging. But, I have kept on blogging for all the wonderful and inspirational people I've met!


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