Black and White

The Black and White (and red) tablerunner is finished!!!

Im happy with the end result, even though these are not my colours. Im sure she is going to be very happy with it!!! These are Moda fabrics Daydreams Black & White by Deb Strain.

Poor little Cohen is feeling unwell (high fever, nausea and headaches) so he will be staying home from school with me for a few days!!! A mothers love can give great comfort at times like these but someone else has beaten me to it.........

..........another gorgeous Black and White creation!!!


  1. So soory, cat love beats Mom msot of the time. I LOVE the table runner!

  2. The table runner is outstanding! The red flowers with buttons really sets it off.

  3. Love the tablerunner! The two cuties in the second photo are adorable, too.

  4. Your boy and little cat are so adorable in this photo. Hope he is feeling better. You table runner is really different. I like it!!

  5. Oh, poor Cohen! I hope he gets to feeling better soon.

  6. B&W are sooo my colours, the tablerunner is beautiful.

  7. The table runner looks wonderful, sweetie! I'm sure A is going to love it!!!

    Love the picture of Cohen and Maria, they look so cute!! I really hope he is feeling better!!!!

    Hope everything went well with today's plan :o)

    Biig hugs...

  8. That's gorgeous tablerunner Rose. Did you get the pattern out of your head or is it somewhere we I could purchase it?

    I hope Cohen feels better soon.

    Cute kitty!

  9. Poor Cohen, hope you feel better soon.
    The runner is stunning. Is it your own creation??

  10. that is such a cute photo.
    the table runner is gorgeous. Red, Black and White never used to be my colours either until I did a table runner in those fabrics. Now I love the combination.

    love and hugs xxx

  11. An just who is getting more comfort there. They are wonderful little beasties when you are in need of a snuggle. But Mum's provide food and drink as well as they will never be out of date.
    Love the table runner.
    I must attempt a few more things of that size...that maybe I will finish.

  12. Love that runner!! sure hope Cohen feels better soon, such a sweet picture.

  13. The tabel runner is lovely and the cat photo is adorable.

  14. We'll be praying for Cohen.
    Your runner is beautiful. I am sure your sister will love it.
    I reeeeeally want your Tender Moments pattern!

  15. Hi Rose! I just wanted to say that the runner looks fantastic and personally I think that the colors are gorgeous together. Good for you for veering off the path a bit. ;-)

    Hope Cohen feels better soon!

    (In case you're wondering: I'm Anne Ida's friend - the one with the turtles that she may have mentioned? :-)

  16. The table runner is beautiful. I hope your sis loves it, and if she doesn't you can always send it my way;) Hope Cohen is in the pink very soon.

  17. I am catching up here. I love the Tender Moments quilt!!!! You have done a beautiful job on it. I will be anxious to order the pattern when it is ready.

    The damper looks very tasty - what is a damper? Like a scone? Might need the recipe for that -LOL

    The table runner looks great - I love the combination of black, white and red. I'm sure your sister will be thrilled with the result!

  18. Absolutely love the table runner. Is it your own pattern?? Hope Cohen is feeling better soon. He does look very cosy there with puss!! Cathyxx

  19. Hope Cohen is feeling better. He and kitty both look very content.
    Your table runner looks amazing. I'm not a great fan of black and white quilts but with the red I love it. Hope Hobart goes well for you.


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