10 Things Im Loving Right Now

Not a lot of sewing or blog reading going on at the moment, its school holidays but I thought Id share my top 10 favorite things right now:

1. School Hoildays- I love having the kids at home, makes me feel like a "real mum". We have been heading to the park everyday, playing cricket and soccer, doing some yummy cooking and just enjoying the relaxation. Best news, Les has decided to take next week off as well, which will make it perfect!!

2. Spring- Everywhere you look Spring is starting to blossom. This is my favorite season. The colours and the smells are wonderful and its time to get out in the garden and have some fun!!

3. Fabric buckets- These cute little buckets have been floating around everywhere in blogland and I decided to give one a go (with just a few little changes). I can see more of these in the future, they will make great pressies!!

4. Romance- My best friend (and next door neighbour) Annie and her boyfriend, got engaged on the weekend. In a crowded resturant he got down on one knee and proposed (*sigh*). Love you guys and big congrats from us!!

5. Wildflower Seranade- These Jelly Rolls and yardage arrived a week or so ago. Such a gorgeous range from Kansas Troubles Quilters. I love the country colours and cant wait to get started on these.

6. Reading- I am really loving listening to Cohen read, he is doing so well and he looks so cute in his new glasses. Its funny how they go to Prep and then they just read. Dr Suess was a favorite with Maddi and even though I know these books by heart, Ill never tire of hearing him enjoy them!!

7. DVD Dates- I love having a DVD date with Maddi. We arm ourselves with Hot Chocolates and lollies (BTW too many Jelly Beans give you a bellyache lol) and our current series of choice is Dawsons Creek. Love it!!!

8. Machine Applique- Im slowly mastering machine applique, curves still require lots of concentration but Im so glad I decided to try it.

9. Scissors- I love scissors and I have many pairs but they always seem to be across the other side of the studio as Im working. I got these little scissors at the Hobart Craft Fair and with the addition of a retractable tape measure and a lanyard, they are always right where i need them!!

10. Photography- My camera seems to be permantley attached to me and I just love capturing that moment in time. I am trying to take a day to just point and shot at what interests me (which is fun) but then shots like these come when your not really looking!!

Whats your top 10 favorite things right now??


  1. Great post Rose :)
    Think I will do this one too. Have to think about it while being at work today

  2. Okay...off the top of my head.

    The way the garden is preparing itself for winter.

    Hand Applique


    Thread (I love it!)

    My camera

    Chai Tea

    Touching my fabrics!

    Hand quilting my Dresden Plate quilt


    and Family

    That was fun!

  3. Your photos are beautiful, and that machine applique certainly does not look like the work of a beginner! Great list.

  4. Still two peas in a pod. My list is not much different to yours.

    A Jules

  5. I enjoyed your ten things list. I think there are some of those Doctor Seuss books I still have memorized, 25 years later, after going through two boys with them. And Where the Wild Things Are, and A Fly Went By, too. =)

  6. Your little bucket is just adorable. Aren't they fun to make? Fall is on it's way here, and I'm loving it. I know what you mean about your camera. I take pictures now of things I never would have "seen" before;)

  7. Enjoyed reading your post. Its funny, but I never really thought about it, but scissors are one of my favorite things too!


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