Bush BBQ

We took the kids to Hollybank Forest for a BBQ. Nothing tastes better than food cooked and eaten outdoors!!

I had a Martha Stewart moment and decided to make a little bushland centrepiece for our table:

After lunch we played a game of soccer and then went off exploring. The forest was really pretty:

A lot of the trees are still bare and the rocks are covered in moss but there was a peaceful serenity as we walked and enjoyed the open air.

There is lots to explore and we eventually came across the River Track:

It was definetley worth the muddy decline to get there and they slippery incline to get back to the top:

And amongst the trees, we found this gorgeous Holly tree:

Guess Xmas is getting closer!!


  1. Looks like a lovely way to spend the day exploring with your loved ones.

  2. Beautiful!!!! Would love to take my morning walk down that path everyday.
    Thanks for sharing!

    Yes, Christmas is getting closer. I had better stay off of the computer and get busy! :~)

  3. You know, I forget sometimes that the internet is international. When I saw the title to this post, my immediate thought was that you'd had a bbq with PRESIDENT Bush. Boy was I off base!

  4. What glorious photos!!...would make beautiful cards!! I love Hollybank,must have a family outing there myself one day soon!!! Looks like you had a terrific day!! CAthyx

  5. Such beautiful scenery - you are a great photographer. Happy anniversary to your grandparents.

  6. Where is Hollybank forest?? It looks lovely. Love your Martha Stewart moment!!

  7. Holly bank looks divine in these photo's ust get out there for a BBQ soon. We are very blessed in Tassie


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