Journey Of A Design- Part 3

Once the sample is made, its time to begin the pattern writing process. Firstly I like to draw up the design ready for print:

This can be time consuming, making sure everything is perfect. Then its on to the laptop for the written instructions and diagrams:

If I keep good clear notes it makes this step so much easier. (Notice my lolly bowl is empty? Hmmm and the gargabe tin is full of did that happen?? lol)

Next comes the photo shoot. Sometimes this is just as much fun as the actual stitching.

And then the pattern is sent off to the printers, the sample goes to the shop and I have a new pattern. The process is always the same and its a great feeling to see an idea come to life. Just like these other new designs:

This is the "My Xmas Wishes" Wallhanging. I started this ages ago but life got in the way! With the help of my children we chose some of the more traditional Xmas gifts kids wished for before electronic devices became so popular (or in the "olden days" as Cohen likes to refer to it):

Theres a Teddy Bear, a drum, a Jack in the Box, a train, a spinning top, a doll...

....a rocking horse and a tricyle. And then of course I have finally written up the pattern (and made a shop sample) of Maddis Tote:

The process begins all over again. My sketch book is full of ideas and Im ready to start something new!


  1. You made that post between the time I came around on one web right and the other! Love seeing it all finished, and the whole Christmas quilt, too.

  2. Amazing Rose, I think both of the Christmas designs will be a hit, as well as the bag!

  3. You have made beautiful patterns. I want to make all of them :) Isn't it fun when the sketchbook is full of ideas!!! Wish for more time to get them done

  4. I loved to read about your designing process. Your designs are beautifull. I wonder what's next from your sketchbook.

  5. Oh!! Love your Christmas Wishes Rose!!! Very cute...!! Do I need another project??...Cathyxx

  6. These are all lovely stitcheries. Thanks for sharing the process with us - it sure does look like a lot of work. Did you put up a Christmas tree up for the photo shoot, or do you have one up year round.

  7. I love redwork and Christmas Wishes is awesome. I hope the pattern is available soon.


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