Machine Applique

One of my very dear friends Leigh, has just brought herself a new machine (lucky girl!!) and wanted some tips on the machine applique stitch, so I thought Id share them here in case it helps out anyone else as well.
The blanket stitch on my Pfaff, has 2 spacing stitches and then it makes the blanket stitch. Once you know the rhythm of the stitch you will know when to turn your work as you applique.
I mainly use matching colour threads for applique. I do have a small stash of embroidery cottons which I use but I also use my quilting cottons because they have a lovely sheen to them and are so easy to work with.
Make sure you set your machine to the "needle down" if you have this function. It acts like an extra pair of hands, I love it (and Leigh I know you have this). Begin with the needle down, right next to the edge of the piece your appliquing but not on the applique, on the background piece.
Work your way around the shape slowly. Do not turn your work whilst it is stitching the blanket stitch. Only turn when it is making the spacing stitches.
I actually stop with needle down, lift the lever and move it into position. When you reach a corner like the petal above, try and make your last stitch the blanket stitch to secure the corner before moving onto the next petal.

And then hopefully you will end up with lovely even blanket stitching all the way around your piece. And dont be afraid of the smaller pieces, they are done exactly the same just sew slower and remember to turn only during the spacing stitches. Hope that helps!!!


  1. Your machine applique looks lovely.

  2. Thanks for that Rose, should you do the petals before you put the centre part of your flower on ? guess that was my misstake :-(

  3. My next machine will definately have this feature. Thanks for the helpful info.

  4. Leigh: congratulations on your new machine!! Hopoe you'll have many hours of fun with it!

    Thanks for the tutorial, sweetie! I'll keep this in mind the next time I attempt machine appliqué!

    Hugs and stitches

  5. I've been told that machine applique is easier and quicker than hand applique (obviously!) but I just don't think I'm grown up enough to try! Yours looks beautiful though :)

  6. Fantastic machine applique!!!

  7. Oh thanks Rose you are such a pal. I feel very special having my own personal teacher. You make it seem so easy. Can't wait to give it ago! :-)

  8. You make it sound so easy - Thanks for the tutorial.

  9. Thanks for the tutorial. I picked up the hint of ending with the blanket stitch and also turning only in the spacing stitches. I do like to to machine blanket applique and will practice these on my next project.


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