Some Much Needed Motivation

Ive been in a bit of a slump lately, my mind flowing with ideas but I have yet to actually sew anything!! Our new arrival has given me some much needed motivation:

Our new bed has finally arrived!! I love the country look of timber, theres so much warmth and character......a great contrast to our old brass bed! So Im thinking a new quilt, as much as I love the Double Delight, Id like something soft and pretty.

A new tablerunner or tablecloth for the blanket box.

And maybe some new cushions, an assortment of sizes......Oh Les is gunna love having to take them off every nite!! lol

I have a stack of April Cornells "Natures Chorus" which is just so pretty and soft. I think Ill use these for inspiration.

Look out studio, here I come!!


  1. Hi Rose. I'm looking forward to seeing your new quilt and bedroom accessories. Those fabrics are yummy so it will be gorgeous for sure.

  2. Sweetie, the new bed is gorgeous! Love that warm wood and those chunky posts. No wonder you were awaiting it so eagerly!

    Hope you have had some fun in the studio! Sounds like you have some plans for decorating your "new" bedroom ;o) Those fabrics you have picked are so yummy - I'm sure you'll come up with something lovely and perfect!

    Hugs and stitches from me

  3. Your room looks lovely, and the fabrics are so pretty.

  4. yay yay yay yay............It looks lovely. About time.............hehehehe

    Bring something next week to start for your bed.


  5. I'll volunteer to come sleep in the new bed.....just to make sure it is safe and comfy enough for you. LOL! It looks wonderful

  6. Hi Rose!!

    The bedroom looks great!! The new bed is beautiful, and the white fabric looks gorgeous along with it:o)

    Hope your motivation comes back:-D my head tends to get a littel overloaded when all the ideas flows through, but nothings get done.....

    Have a great week!!


  7. Woohoo...I love the bed too, and will be watching for the makeover. Its fun to watch how one chance leads to another which leads to another.....

  8. Actually Rose, I have been eyeing off a bed very similar!! I LOVE it! And, those Natures Chorus fabrics are just so pretty, I am looking forward to seeing what you create with them.
    x Sarah

  9. I too have fallen for Nature's Chorus - It is so pretty - Looking forward to see what you create. Would love to see pics of your studio....

  10. Congrats on a lovely new bed!
    look forward to see the new quilt too! Wish you luck with the process!

  11. Your DD looks fantastic on your bed!


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