Wet Weather Activities

The first week of the school holidays has been cold and wet but we havent minded, keeping busy with inside projects. Theres been lots of reading, games to play, some cooking and of course, some sewing.
I decided to work on my Philadelphia Pavement quilt over the holidays. Its just over half way there now and watching the pattern emerge has been great!! Its going to be quite large when its finished, around 98" and although I have no plans for it (I just had to make it), Maddi has claimed it for her room........didnt I just make her a new one?? lol
Lots of tiny 1 3/4" squares ......cant wait to quilt this one! I plan to just crosshatch the squares but Im not sure what I'll do in the borders yet! My goal is to finish the top over the holidays but we will see how we go!!
Ive also finished my token winter knitting project for the year so I can pack the needles away! I really need to learn to knit something other than a scarf!!! I couldnt resist this wool though when I went shopping with my mum a few weeks ago. Its lovely and soft and the colour is gorgeous!!
I also wanted to share a lovely gift that Jules made for me for quilting her quilt.........which turned out lovely and was well received by her mum!!

We had been talking about storing ribbons in a straw container, so Jules made me one complete with a pincushion on the top, some gorgeous ribbons inside and if you look closely the bottom is filled with pretty buttons. I love it, clever girl she is!!
Back to the sewing, cant wait to see how it will look when its finished......that is after a couple of games of "Go Fish" with the kids, we got a tournament happening here lol


  1. That quilt is going to be awesome!

  2. your quilt is beautiful! can't wait to see it completed!!

  3. maddie the quilt is mine not yours........ I'll fight you for it .....hmmm... you are bigger than me...ok you win..you can have it.


  4. Fabulous idea using a straw container! Love the quilt too!

  5. Look here Maddie it's mine I'm bigger than you and anyway you cant hit an old lady or 64 in two days now can you :-)

  6. The first 2.5 rows of your PP looks wonderful, sweetie! No wonder Maddi has claimed it! Hope you managed to get all five rows together before falling asleep at the machine ;o)

    Your scarf looks wonderful! And that ribbon container Jules made for you is so fabulous - lucky girl you!

    So who is winning the "Go Fish" tournament? *lol*

  7. Looks like a wonderful quilt emerging! I thought it cute that you've already got dibbing on it!

  8. What a beauty! Was it difficult to follow directions? This looks easy to make wronng! But is it absolutely a stunner. 8-))

  9. I love your Philadelphia Pavement quilt! I live 15 miles across the river from Philly! Where is the pattern from?


  10. Love that pattern and your colors are terrific.....is this your own layout? That looks like a pattern worth having!

    Happy Sewing,

  11. Wow, that was a lot of squares! You must have a lot of patience.


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