Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Another Commission

I know sneak peeks are boring but its all I can show for what Ive been working on lately. This is for another commission with Creating Country Threads (new name for the mag and I love it!!) which will be released in January!
Im thinking of naming this "When Doves Fly" and yes it is a play on the Prince song.......I am a huge fan of his (to my mothers horror, Maddi could sing "Purple Rain" before she could sing a nursery rhyme lol)

I actually struggled a bit with this one! Not sure whether it was my choice of fabrics or whether I lost a bit of confidence but now its all finished Im very happy with has that soft, sweet quality I was aiming for!!

I do want to show you the project I designed for Helens Quilt Marathon:

This is "Stitched With Love" and it is a lovely sewing bag, perfect for carrying you floss box and whatever project you are working on, plus a sweet stitched pincushion. If you havent joined up yet and you would like to, contact Helen and also Pauline, who is running a day for it up here in the north! Its for a wonderful cause and I think its important to support and encourage the kids who are so willing to give help to those who need it.......they are our future!!!

Promise to share some pics soon, of the new BOM which Im finishing up now. There is a story behind this (dont groan, theres always a story.....thats just me lol) but first I want to share with you someone who was a huge influence in my life and the inspiration behind this new quilt!!! All that next post!!


  1. Oh I love that heart stitchery on the bag and pin cussion and cant wait to see these other projects you have comming hope the B O M is a stitchery one.

  2. The sneak peek leaves me wanting to see more!

  3. Those are really beautiful. I can't wait to see both the new projects.

  4. I'm so excited to see the full quilt! This is gorgeous. Cindy

  5. Your project for the magazine is gorgeous Rose, I also love the bag you designed for Helen's quilt in,Are you going to that?

  6. Oh, you have me intrigued with this new commission :o) What you show looks very promising!

    The bag and the pin cushion are absolutely lovely, sweetie!

  7. The peak is very I want to see the whole project. I love you summer commission peak as well, even if it is just a peak there too.

  8. Just received my bag and pincushion pattern, thankyou so much Rose they are gorgeous!! Can't wait to make them, but for the moment I had better get back to my Mystery Marathon quilt before I fall even further behind LOL!


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