In Pops Garden- Part 1

I promised to share some photos of the new BOM called "In Pops Garden" but just before I do, Id like to introduce you to the man and the inspiration behind this quilt.

(photo from family holiday in Hobart)
These are my fathers parents Mary and Allan and I have shared a lot about my nan on this blog, the gorgeous lady she was!!! This is about my Pop.

He was the eldest of 5 brothers and as a young boy he nursed his mother until her death and then a few years later, his stepmother. He took on the responsibilites of running a home and garden to help provide for his father and brothers. As a young man he worked for the apple sheds where he became an apple classer and where he met my nan. They brought their first home in Launceston and then after my dad was born, they moved not too far to the home which I remember so fondly!!

(photo from family holiday in Hobart)
Pop had two loves in his life, his family and his garden. He had a large suburban block and 2/3rds of it was planted with fruit trees and vegetables. In the early years he used to sell these to help put my dad through private school. The rest of the garden was filled with his flowers. He used to sell these flowers to the local florist (if any of you local girls ever received a bouquet from Hinton and Llyod Florist in the 70's and 80's then they probably came from my Pops garden!!)

(Pop and Maddi, aged 1)
I look back on the time spent at his house and feel so blessed to have had them in my life. There wasnt anything to "play" with as a child but there was always something to do. You could learn so much from him just following him around the garden, helping him harvest the vegetables, watching him plant the seedlings or feeding the chickens and you never left there without a box of homegrown goodness to enjoy!!

When my nan became sick in 1990, my dad took over looking after the garden all under strict instructions from my Pop (it was his way or else.....bit like me actually lol). In 1995 my Nan passed away and it took a huge toll on Pop. When you visited, you would still find him pottering about in the garden but he had lost his love, his will to live. He died in 1996 (1 year and 1 day after my nan) and there isnt a day that I dont think of either of them, nor wish they were still here!!!

There is so much to share about this man and I hope I have managed to capture a little of the wonderful person he was, in the 9 blocks of this BOM. Heres the first block and a little more about him:

One of my fondest memories was pulling up in his driveway. This was a familiar scene, him mowing the front lawns with his handmower......he would never use a motor mower!!!! I can still remember the smell of the freshly cut grass and his lawns were always so green and soft. They were a great place to practise our handstands and cartwheels cause we had a soft place to land. People used to walk past and they never failed to stop and admire his lovely roses and camelia's and he would take cuttings for them and give them advice to grow their own.

He always wore a hat in the garden and of all the things he left behind in this world, seeing his hat sitting there after his funeral upset me the most!!! My parents now live in his home and its not the same as it was when I was a child, they have changed it so much, so it was fun to draw up these stitcheries as I remembered them. I could never do the beauty of his garden justice but this way my memories will live on!!!

Hope you like the first post will be block 2 and 3 and a little more about my Pop!!


  1. Oh...I just love the little saying around that border too!

  2. Reminds me of my grandfather. They lived in the city and had a small lawn. He always mowed it with a push mower.

  3. Oh Rose that's lovely that you're making a quilt in memory of your Pop, it got me thinking about my Pop, I was young when he died but I remember how I loved visiting as he was always working in his shed, polishing shoes or his lawn bowls, sharpening his chisel blades on a stone or building something.
    Thanks for reminding me of the past and good luck with the BOM. Looking forward to hearing more stories.

  4. Love it cant wait for this one, reminds me of my hubby its him to a tee 2/3 of our yard is fruit trees and vegs if you cant eat it why would you bother growing it is Ray's thinking I'm sure :) I'm on his PC now i have mucked mine up putting on a new "Free Screensaver" yeh right.

  5. oh wow that is so lovely and gorgeous stitchin too boot way to go Rose..will be looking out too see what you do with the rest of the blocks,cheers Vickie

  6. This is such a beautiful post, sweetie! And you know I love the new BOM :o)

  7. Thanks for sharing your Pop with us, I remember my Mom's parents the same way, so especially enjoyed you sharing Pop with me.
    What a wonderful way to make memories from your memories, and thank you for sharing the blocks with us, as I make this one I will be remembering my grandpa.

  8. What a lovely way to remember your Pop! Sounds like my dad, fruit trees and heaps of dad had the best strawberry patch....we were always raiding it in summer.
    Look forward to the next block.
    cheers Julz

  9. I love it! It really reminds me of my pappa. I still have his old push mower and he died in 1977. My grandparents were my life. Days spent gardening with pappa and spending time learning how to crochet from my mamma. I can't wait to see the next blocks.

  10. Love the memories along with the block. So special. Thank you for sharing both.

  11. Love the look of your new pattern can not wait to see the rest.

  12. Hi Rose
    Such beautiful memories of your grand parents, I can see why you enjoyed designing this quilt so mch, its simply beautiful.

  13. What a great block, I still have my reel lawnmower.

  14. How blessed you are to have such memories!
    Makes me wish I could have another childhood and live yours :0)

    Its lovely
    Happy Sewing

  15. What a beautiful tribute to your dear Pop. Thank you for sharing.
    I'm sure he would have loved your quilt!


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