In Pops Garden- Part 3

Time for some more blocks. Pop grew just about everything from either seed or bulbs. His potting shed was a fun place to be. Little seedlings needing to be watered, thinned out and repotted. I remember that he used to have all his bulbs hanging above the potting table, drying out and he used to scrap out the seeds from his pumpkins and tomatoes and they would be drying out as well on boards, ready for the next years crop! It was always tempting to pick them off when you knew you wouldnt get caught!!!
Attached to the potting shed was the nursery where he kept all the seedlings until they were ready to be transferred to the garden. In here, he also had his collection of cacti.......some of the most beautiful flowers I have ever seen and it also housed a gorgeous rubber tree which grew right around the room!! He had a lot of indoor plants in here as well as inside his home, most of them he had grown from cuttings!
There was no way I could draw his vegetable garden to show its true beauty, it was far too large. It was an abundance of yummy home produce. Nothing tastes better than peas picked straight from the vine and eaten as you walk around the garden. Those plump juicy baby peas you found at the end of the pod were the most delicious!!! We would pick a box of them and at night sit around the kitchen, listening to music, while we shelled them all.........most would end up being eaten while we did it or on various trips to the fridge you would always grab a handful!

As a child, watching seedlings grow and then produce in the garden amazed me! It was satisfying to know that you had a hand in providing the vegetables that fed the family. When Maddi was little, I had my own vegetable garden and it produced well, a little too many squashes were cropped but the neighbours appreciated them lol. Maddi felt that same sense of satisfaction when she took her basket and filled it with food we had grown. We are going to put another one in this year (arent we honey?? sweet, wonderful husband of mine!!!) as soon as we design a good plan for it (just like the stitchery hun!!).
Hope you enjoyed these blocks as well. I will be MIA for a little while, my mum is finally having her knee replacement on Monday! Wish you luck mum, we are proud of your strength and love you heaps!!!!!


  1. oh my Rose..truly this could be a book, another wonderful stitchery depicting your Pop -he is smiling down at you-thanks for sharing and with each Part I am reliving something from my pop too thank you ,cheers Vickie

  2. I think you should make this into a quilting book with story and blocks...fantastic and what a legacy for you Pop! What do you think?

  3. Stories to go with each block...wonderful!

  4. This is a marvelous quilt! I am wanting to do something as a tribute to my brother who died in February of this year. I have all these ideas floating around in my mind, but have so much difficulty getting them down paper.

  5. Olá amiga!
    Passei para rever seu cantinho que é tudo de bom!
    Lindo, criativo e muito alegre!...
    Parabéns pelo seu trabalho!
    Espero você em:
    Um ótimo fim de semana!
    Beijinhos carinhosos.
    Itabira - Brasil

  6. I'm really loving this quilt Rose, your pop would be so proud of you.

  7. Good designs and I have enjoyed the stories that go with them.

  8. another lovely block...such a beautiful story to go with it.

    Thanks for sharing,

  9. love it my dear it's soo good dont forget the fist copy is MINE :-)

  10. I've been following your Pop's story and blocks. Your Pop was a special guy to have inspired such a beautiful story with stitchery blocks. I am enjoying it. Good healing powers coming your way for your Mom. :0)

  11. This is so darling...your stitchery is so perfect and lovely. Have you ever thought of doing a tutorial for us so we can get our stitches to look as perfectly as yours? I'm amazed at your designs and your ability to transfer your ideas to needle and thread!

    Happy sewing


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