Reasons To Smile

This morning I was smiling when I received my copy of Creating Country Threads. Its a Stitchery Special with so many wonderful projects and in it you will find my little wallhanging "Find The Joy".
I had actually designed and worked the stitchery quite some time ago with a completley different project in mind, but I cut them too small (due to the fact my math is so bad lol) and they had been sitting in the cupboard till the editor was looking for something that could be sent to them within a week!
So I dug out those Civil War fabrics and turned it into a wallhanging, all within the deadline which was great!!! (Sometimes it does pay to have a UFO or two!). I love how they have presented it, they always do such an amazing job with everyones projects and it is always such a thrill to see your work in print. Ive got a few more projects coming up soon so I cant wait to see what they have done with them!
Another reason to smile today, Maddi is coming home after a fantastic 6 days in Queensland on a school trip. Here a pic of her at the airport Saturday morning:

We cant wait to see her, its feels as if the whole dynamics of the family have been thrown off cause she wasnt here. I thought I would fret much more than I have but she is such a great kid and she works so hard, so she deserved this wonderful did her friends (who are all great kids too btw!!) I know she has missed us, her phone bill will be massive this month lol

Still, Im counting down the hours till we go to the airport to pick her up and for the next few days Im sure she will be resting and filling us in on "every single detail" of the whole trip. Cant wait!!.
One more reason to smile, go check out Paulines version of Family Values. She has done a wonderful job and I just love it!! The colours are gorgeous!!!
Next post Ill have some quick and easy redwork Xmas designs to share!


  1. Woho! Congratulations, sweetie! The little stitchery quilt in the mag looks fabulous! Just to be a bit nasty...: How is the project this stitchery was meant for coming along? *lol*

    So happy Maddi had a wonderful time in Queensland!

  2. I love the Stitchery issues of Creating Country Threads. I'll have to keep my eye open for it to arrive here in the US. Your stitchery is adorable.

  3. You turned a project gone sour into a really good one. Congratulations on the publication of your stitchery project.

  4. These little trips our kids take get us ready for when they go off and be adults on their own!
    Love all your projects. Thanks for sharing them with us.

    Happy sewing

  5. That's a great wall hanging and I especially like the border. Welcome home Maddi!

  6. Another gorgeous design Rose. I haven't been able to get a copy yet - I really must subscribe.


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