Carolina Christmas & Winners

Thanks to everyone who entered the Teen Dreams giveaway!! Maddi cant wait for the samples to come back and she has already "ordered" a wallhanging to match, so look out for another option using this pattern and fabrics! Ok the winners are Paulette and Kelly!! Thanks ladies, could you please email me your address and Ill post them out to you!
Ive been really busy getting ready for Xmas (all my lists, menus and recipes are in order) and been spending some time in the studio "me" sewing. Bonnies new mystery quilt couldnt have come at a better time.
Heres my Part One units. Although this is meant to be a Xmas quilt, I chose to keep it really scrappy and use up some of my old stash of country fabrics. My cream stash was depleted with my Double Delight quilt so for the background I chose beige/gold tones!! Part Two units:
I have no idea whether or not these fabrics will work together but that is half of the fun!! Its been nice to work on something where all the math has been worked out for you and not knowing how it goes together is driving me insane lol but I can wait!! Bonnie does such an amazing job with these mysteries and she is so generous in sharing them with us!
My Part Three units are almost all finished and I think Part Four might be already posted but I try not to peek ahead!! Its been good to finally find homes (and say goodbye) for some of my old fabrics.......last time I played it safe with my choices but this time Im just throwing it all together and hoping for the best!!!!
I also finished up one of my own quilts that I started earlier in the year. Ill share it with you next post as soon as I can get some good pictures!!! Its huge!!
Hope your enjoying your weekend!!


  1. Whooppeeee!! I won - I think! I am Paulette but maybe there is another one out there?? Please email me if it is me and then I can send you my address!! I LOVE THIS PATTERN! So if it is me whoopeee ~THANK YOU!!

  2. Yay!!! I won :)

    How exciting :) Thank you so much Rose. I'll go email you my address now.

  3. the 12th is the next craft day so bring yr quilt with you please. congratulations Paulette and Kelly.


  4. Your Carolina Christmas units are looking great. I'm doing that too. I'm on step 3. The idea of cutting 595 squares almost made me hyperventilate!


  5. I love the country colors you are using for the mystery quilt. My Double Delight is still a UFO, so I'm starting anything new just now!

  6. Congratulations to Paulette and Kelly! I look forward to seeing their versions of the "Teen Dreams" set :o)

    I love the warmth of the colours you have chosen for the CC, hun! It looks wonderful so far!

  7. Gorgeous colourscheme for your Carolina Christmas!
    I am making mine a bit slimmer. Have to get back to it now that Christmas is tucked away.


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