Xmas Cooking!!

So whats the best part of Xmas cooking??? The wonderful smells?? the chocolate truffles?? the shortbread biscuits?? the plum pudding???...........nah, its definitely the clean-up:

Thats the "lick the bowl" kinda clean-up lol

Merry Xmas from our family to yours. May it be safe, full of joy and a wonderful time spent with family and friends!!!


  1. *lol* How precious is that face? Bowl licking is definitely the best part about cooking ;o)

  2. Sure looks like Coen is enjoying it anyway, have a great Christmas the four of you.

  3. Make sure that face is clean before you come to my house!!!!

  4. Yep...this about sums it up...they fight over who gets the bowl and I tell them they might as well stick their faces down in their and clean it real good! Merry Christmas

  5. Love that face!! Merry Christmas Rose! :0)

  6. This picture says it ALL! ;o)
    Have the best Christmas EVER!
    Take care! Hugs from Canada!

  7. It doesn't surprise me that my little bro would have chocolate all over his face lol.

    Love you, Cohen!!!


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