If the Grinch stole Christmas, who stole January????? I cant believe its February already......that means that next week these two..........

........are back to school and what a huge year its going to be!!!!

We have had a relaxing holiday, lots of sleep ins, PJ days, swimming, LEGO, reading and cooking. Its about this time of year that I really wish I homeschooled these two. I love spending my days with them and dropping them off at school on Wednesday is going to be hard.

I just wanted to share their own little places here on the internet. Maddi has dreams of becoming a doctor but she is also an aspiring writer. She has her own blog here and over the holidays has been interviewing other unpublished authors as well as sharing all her teenage loves.......like her new addiction, clothes!!! She is part of a wonderful supportive community of writers and is able to contribute and learn so much.

Cohen dreams of being a scientist (this week anyway lol) but for his birthday he wanted a camcorder to make his own movies. He loves anything Lego or Pokemon and watches 100's of You Tube reviews. He is just starting to make his own movies and trust me, he is soooooooo cute. You can watch his movie here.

Guess with the holidays almost over, Ive got no excuse not to get back to work!!! Quilty post soon!

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  1. I wish I had Homeschooled too but reality hits and I realise if I did that we wouldn't get any school work done......lol Too busy veging out and playing. Mine go back on Monday :(


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