One Step Forward.......

.......two steps back, is pretty much how its been this year, and my blog suffers!!! But I do have some things to share!!

Poor Maddi has had to wait so long for me to finish her Twilight Cushion (it just fell to the bottom of the pile next to my machine!) She wanted to keep the layout simple which was great for me after all that paper piecing, so this is what we came up with (and the last black border doesnt show up well in this dreadful photo!!!) She loves it so that makes me happy!

These gorgeous fabrics arrived in the post the other day from the lovely Fee. It was perfect timing and so deeply treasured........we had suddenly lost another family member (from Les's side of the family) and it was all I needed to remind me just how generous and caring people really are. Life is short and by doing what we love, we use every precious second!!! Thanks so much Fee!!!

So due to this burst of inspiration, Im madly pattern writing a new design......just a little sneaky peek for now but the whole reveal coming very, very soon!!! 2 patterns in one and I love them both, hope you will as well!

In the meantime, theres plenty of this happening!!! Maddi and I hit the open roads today for the first time and I am now sure I dont have enough hands (one ready to grab the wheel, one ready to grab the park brake, one holding on for dear life, one to cover my eyes lol).......NAH honestly, she is doing soooooooo well and yes at times it is hard...... hard to let go!!!

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  1. Oh Rose my friend I'm so sorry life has hit you guys again,like maddie's cushion.


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