Monday, March 29, 2010

Hand Stitching

I seem to be the worst blogger lately, I cant share anything at the moment but I have been stitching lots, for upcoming projects!!!
This one Im currently working on needed to be soft and dainty so I chose to work the quilting by hand. Its been years since I handquilted anything, my Pfaff just makes machine quilting so easy, and Id forgotten just how relaxing it can be.
It took me awhile to get back into the swing of it and I could definitely benefit from more practice but Im pleased with how its looking so far. When I first started quilting, I hand pieced and hand quilted everything and you really do miss it!

I actually got to use some of my stencils which made me happy!! Hopefully over the next few weeks Ill be able to do some more and improve my stitching but Im really glad that I gave it a go!! It is quite relaxing and fun and I achieved the look I was after!!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Your Favorite Colour?

Whats your favorite colour?? Without a doubt mine is Blue. I use it a lot in my designs and if not in the fabrics, then defintely in the stitcheries! My nan was the same, she used blue a lot in her embrodieries, just like the one below:
She always told me she felt better in a blue dress and she had lots of them but when she wasnt wearing one, she always had a blue apron. To me blue is peaceful and calming and so so pretty.
When I buy a range of fabric or when I open a Jelly Roll, I always dive for the blue fabrics and base what Im working on around them. At the moment Im working on some projects for a magazine and they have asked that the designs lean more to pinks, purples, lemons and apricots. Not a huge challenge I guess, especially when this gorgeous little girl came into the family last week:
Our new niece and cousin, Tiffany Jane and really....... pink has never looked so pretty!!! Its my new favorite colour right now! Whats yours?

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

BOM Programs

Just wanted to share Paulines version of my BOM quilt "In Pop's Garden" (pics borrowed from her blog, thanks Pauline!!!):
She has done a fantastic job and I really like these colours, reminds me so much of my Pops garden, he would be very proud and doesnt the quilting look great? Looks all warm and cosy!!! If your interesting in doing this quilt as a BOM or would just like to purchase patterns, Pauline would be happy to help!

She can also help with my other 2 BOM programs, Family Values and Tender Moments!

I love to see other quilters versions of my patterns and soon I should be able to share some pics from another shop who are running Tender Moments as a BOM/Class and from what I hear are doing some amazing work!!

Still seem to be "chasing my tail' so its back to the studio and this organised chaos!!!

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