Dear Jane- Row A

I got super focused on my DJ quilt this week, instead of things I really should be doing, but I finished Row A, wohoo:
I had to redo a couple of blocks cause I wasnt happy with them but Im loving it so far. Row B looks a little more challenging (ekkkk curved piecing....these will be my humility blocks!!!). Block tally is now 54 and just to make sure I didnt fluke the first one (centre in pic):
I tried a couple more triangles!!! These were fun, so my triangle tally is now 3!
Back to what I should be working on.....these blocks are addictive and its hard to stop lol!
Thoughts to everyone in New has been heartbreaking to watch the destruction and loss of human life following their recent earthquake!


  1. You didn't tell me you had done two more triangles!! They look wonderful! I love seeing the whole A row together - it is going to be a fabulous Baby Jane! Way to go!

  2. You are moving right along and doing a great job along the way.


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