DJ Progress

I took a few days over the weekend for a little "me" sewing time and was really inspired to get my Dear Jane book back out and sew some more squares. Finishing the squares for this gorgeous quilt is one of my 2011 goals and I was thrilled to add another 8 blocks to my have a total of 48!!!

F7- Star Struck, E12- Mary Ruth
A4- Courtneys Stethoscope, E9- Quilt Jail

D9- Uncle Richard, M8- Enchanted Square
H10- Bens Bowtie, L8- Box Kite
Still have quite a few to go but Im going to commit myself to sewing a few every week. And just to see if I could sew one of them, I tried a triangle:

Wasnt quite as hard as I first thought, although this is one of the easier ones!!

To all Australians affected by Mother Natures wrath of cyclones, floods and bushfires on our beautiful country, our thoughts are with you and your families!!!


  1. Don't you wonder how Jane came up with all the unusual blocks!

  2. Oh, they are gorgeous, sweetie! Way to go! And I love the idea of you committing to a few blocks a week - you'll have them all done in no time if you stick to your plan :o)

    Makes me want to pull mine out of the cupboard as well, but as you know I do have something I need to focus on first...

  3. Your blocks look great. I need to start on my triangle, but they just seem so daunting to me. Maybe your pretty work can inspire me.

  4. nice Dane and Julie


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