Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Where Have I Put......Everything!!!!

I havent disappeared of the face of the earth but I have been engulfed by the empowering abyss of................RENOVATING!!!

Last November, I had a small idea to make changes to our kitchen. It is just a modest little house and as our family grows, it seems to get smaller. So at the beginning of the year, plans were made, plans grew, plans got shelved, plans got made again and then life sent us a reality is short, theres no guarentee there IS a tomorrow!!! And thats when plans really grew!!!!

Ive spent the last 6-8 weeks working with the wonderful people at the Launceston Kitchen Centre, plus builders (thnx Georgie and Shane), plumbers, electricians and stonemasons to come up with a perfect new kitchen design and to get this new kitchen it has meant that basically HALF the house is now being renovated!!!

Its been so much fun and as things start to slowly happen......all very exciting!!! But to reap the rewards, you have to live in chaos!!

Im trying to keep a path in my studio to get to the sewing machine but its getting smaller and smaller!!! I have a heap of stitcheries to set into projects and I have a few quilts to baste......
......but these may have to wait a little longer, unless I can persuade the builders to set me up a sewing and basting table lol!!

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