Photo Overload!!!

The kitchen renovations took weeks and weeks and weeks and weeks of our time........
........and we are STILL working on the rest of the house and trying to keep motivated (that domino effect) But Ive learnt a valuable lesson, just by opening up our home and welcoming the transformation of our surroundings......... patience :) It will all happen and ONE day we WILL be finished :)
We loooooooooooooooooooove the new kitchen and the hours we have spent making everything you can image, just because.....we can and its all organised (due to my secret OCD lol) and theres so much space and light and we now have a fully stocked pantry (we never had a pantry before :( ...........we have cooked up a storm!!!!!!

Xmas wasnt as special as I would have just came and went and was enjoyed but we went all out for Easter and I have to thank my latest online obsession for that, Pinterest...........

Cohens craftwork at school :)
Presents for the school friends...........lollipop bunnies for the boys, Easter baskets for the girls :)
Felt baskets for the Easter Egg Hunt!!!!
Easter Banner!!!!!
Bunny Butt Cake...........:)
Red Velvet "Egg Themed" Cupcakes :)
Bunny Table Napkins!!!!
Our table centrepiece, flowers, chocolate eggs, candles and handmade tissue paper roses...................a wonderful Easter :)
Date with the paintbrush again tomorrow...........its where Im meant to be :)


  1. Your kitchen is STUNNING!! So light and fresh...and LOVE the counters!! You must be in heaven!! Looks like you had a wonderful Easter and went all out!! Love the cake!!

  2. Wow! All those bunny goodies look yummy.
    I am jealous of your new kitchen. We need new cupboards but it just isn't high priority nor in the budget. The white looks so clean.

  3. Oh what a beautiful kitchen!
    I hope you enjoy it for years to come

    Happy Sewing...doing any of that?

  4. I know all about patience in renovation, and now we are starting on a new carport/deck combination. Your kitchen is beautiful!

  5. hi rose...omg..I soooooooooo want your kitchen....need to catch up real quick mate..nice to see you

  6. love the looks wonderful

  7. love the bunting and the kitchen looks wonderful... you will have many a cook ups in that


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