Progress :)

 I have finally put together the centre of my "Vintage Modern" quilt:
Its been very slow going between the ongoing renovations, organising Maddis trip and trying to preparing for Xmas, which will be at our house this year!!!  Just need to add some borders (I really want pieced borders). Very happy with how its turning out.  My mum used to do a lot of smocking, many years ago and she would do lovely rows on the tops of dresses and shirts! It was the inspiration behind this quilt :)
I did manage to sand back and paint the old stand ready for my new quilts.  Its currently in the lounge and I cant wait to fill it up :)
Tuesday was a big day...........
Maddi left for her trip to Cambodia.  Lots of hugs, kisses and tears (mainly mine) at the airport before they all embarked on their 15 day journey.  They are currently in Phnom Penh, adjusting to the climate, the lack of road rules, the culture and meeting some amazing people.  Soon their work begins in the school, the orphanage and with the construction of four houses for a much needed community!! Miss her heaps but soooo proud of her!!!


  1. Hi your vintage modern quilt mate..very nice...yes you should be proud of maddie is awful when they go

  2. I haven't seen much of you here lately? Are you still blogging? This quilter misses your posts! :)


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