Saturday, December 28, 2013

A Gift For You

Hope everyone has had an enjoyable and family filled Christmas. Ours was very relaxing, Santa spoilt us terribly, we ate far too much yummy food and caught up with family and friends to celebrate the season.
But as the Christmas season is coming to an end and a new year is rapidly approaching, its time to turn my dreams for 2014 into plans and get myself organised. Im a great "list" person and a "diary" and "calendar" person so I have designed a free monthly calendar for you to download and use to help keep you organised throughout 2014.
I have added a new Free 2014 Calendar tab at the top of my blog as a quick reference for future months.
The January calendar features my new pattern Potpourri, which will be released in the next few days (so stay tuned) and will be offered in my shop as both a PDF file and as a paper pattern. And as I love inspirational quotes, I've included a very motivating one for the first month of the new year.
To download the January PDF calendar, click here
There will be a new calendar available each month, I hope you enjoy them all :)
Happy New Year!! and may all your dreams and plans for 2014 come true.

Friday, December 20, 2013

Clarendon House- Photo Shoot

I finally finished the quilting and binding of my Potpourri quilt and it was all ready for its photo shoot.
I'm always looking for different locations for photographing my projects so today we visited one of my favorite places, Clarendon House, the gorgeous Georgian home just outside the quaint country town of Evandale:
After a lovely, relaxing picnic on the lawn and a wonderful tour of the beautifully restored house, the out buildings and the gorgeous gardens:
 The lovely staff allowed me to use the property to get that perfect shot :)
Going through the photos tonight, there are so many wonderful shots its going to be hard to chose just one :)
Just the pattern to finalise now and then Potpourri will be added to the Threadbare Creations range. Its gorgeous!!!

Friday, December 13, 2013


As the year draws to an end and we are in the depths of the "silly season", Im trying to finish up as much as I can before school/work holidays start and that quality family time begins :)
My "big" project for January is all finished and its gorgeous! Im so proud of what I have achieved and cant wait to share it with you next year :)
I have a production line of quilts that need finishing for 2014:
So I started with the "oldest" unfinished quilt and its finally under the machine, getting quilted :) I started this quilt 12 months ago and had trouble deciding on borders, so it got left behind.
Its slow progress but its quilting up beautifully. This will be my first pattern release for 2014 and Im calling it Potpourri. Hope to be binding this by the weekend, pattern is almost written and then maybe I should wrap some presents and make a gingerbread house :)

Tuesday, December 3, 2013


Had these gorgeous fabrics arrive today:
"Sidewalks" by October Afternoon for Riley Blake.  Such a lovely range and such pretty colours. No plans for them as yet but thats half the fun......planning and fondling :)

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