It's A Quilt Top :)

I have a new quilt design, Asteria on the way and I've spent the last few days putting all of the components together to construct the quilt top:
Normally when I design a new quilt, I begin with a clean studio floor and a "vague" idea of what I'm hoping to achieve and it generally evolves/changes as I sew. With Asteria I had already structured, on paper, the exact design and colour layout, so it was really exciting to finally lay out all the components and see the quilt come to life:
I have loved working with these beautiful Primrose Sands fabrics from Helen Stubbings. It's really hard to pick a favorite, they are all so lovely and the colours are simply gorgeous :)
This afternoon I finished the quilt top and its all ready for basting:
While I baste, I'll decide on how to quilt it but I'm leaning towards my FMQ flowers as there is quite a lot of negative space to show off the quilting. Can't wait to fully share Asteria with you, its such a pretty quilt :)
Off to baste!!

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