Chatelaine- Free BOW Sampler Quilt Block 5

We are up to Block 5 of my free Chatelaine Block of the Week Quilt and I've seen some lovely versions of these cute little blocks. I'm loving everyone's fabric choices and I'm so glad that you are enjoying sewing each block :) If you are joining in, don't forget to share your blocks on Instagram using the hashtag #chatelainebow so we can all have a look/swoon.

This weeks super gorgeous block is Grandmother's Pride. I love the simplicity of this traditional block and I have used it quite often in other projects. Some pretty squares and simple setting triangles are all you need to make this lovely block.
To download and print this weeks free block pattern, just visit HERE.

Pressing Seams:

How you press your seams, is personal preference and there's a lot of debate between pressing seams to the side or whether its better to press them open. Ideally I like to press my seams to the side, usually towards the dark fabric, which creates a "loft". This makes matching seams so much easier as they butt against each other and fit snugly together, like jigsaw pieces.
Because I machine quilt my own quilts on a domestic machine, I do find it necessary to press some seams open. This alleviate the bulk so it doesn't affect the quilting, break my needle or leave a "bump" on the finished project, due to the denser free motion quilting I tend to do.
If I'm hand piecing and hand quilting, I like to press my seams open as its easier to match the seams and then they lie nice and flat so you can "rock" the needle through when quilting by hand.
I do include pressing directions in my patterns but use these as a guide only. They are helpful if you are new to piecing, but do what works best for you and what you are more comfortable with. There are no real rules in quilting and every project is different :)

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