Chatelaine- Free BOW Sampler Quilt Block 6

This weeks lovely block is an adapted version of the Rising Star block (featuring the crystal star block as the centre). I do love intricate star blocks and I chose this one because I think its a beautiful block which has many possibilities.
Feel free to play around with colour placement on this one; I've kept it quite open, using lots of white homespun but you could change the whole effect but adding more colour. Have fun with it :)
To download your free pattern, just visit HERE.
For all of us, the coming weeks are going to be very busy as we prepare for the festive season ahead.............the next few blocks I have planned for you, will be quick and easy to piece, so you have more time for other things. I'll also take a little break over Christmas/New Year to spend with my family,so there will be plenty of time to catch up if you need to :)

Piecing and Trimming:

You will notice as you work through my patterns, that I include measurements for completed units as we piece a block together. As a rule, I sew, check and trim every unit I sew to eliminate any piecing problems.
When working on smaller blocks with lots of pieces, its very easy to gain or lose in your seam allowances, so checking measurements as you work, is important and if units don't quite fit, its easier to identify any problems.
I trim all my units with my square, rotary cutter and a 360 degree rotating mat (I find this easier but its not essential). When trimming, be very careful not to trim into seam allowances or to cut of any points.
Checking your units measurements as you sew, should help identify and fix any problems along the way :) but even if you do cut off a point or a seam just doesn't match perfectly, don't stress......just have fun and keep going :)

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