I'm Hooked

Mum taught me to crochet when I was a teenager but until recently, it wasn't something that I chose to explore. After a few very helpful "You Tube" tutorials, to refresh my skills, I picked up the hook and a new obsession began :)
I'm halfway through my current project, Coastal Ripple:
This pattern is from Attic 24 and its such a fun blanket to crochet. I'm making this for Cohen and he's quite eager to have me finish, even though summer is fast approaching. I've kept the colours "boyish" which has been a lovely contrast from the "girlie" colours I had been working with for Maddi's Primavera Blanket:
I finished this one a few weeks ago and its so pretty and a great addition to Maddi's room :)
Add these to the scarves I have crocheted:
And my Sunburst Blanket:
And it's been a busy winter/spring working with the hook. It's very relaxing while watching TV with the family and I love that it's portable so I can take what I'm working on wherever I go: I just have to keep my hands busy :)
Once the Coastal Ripple is done, I have a new stash of brightly coloured wool, ready to work on another of Attic 24's patterns called Cosy. If you haven't before, go and check out her site, its very inspiring and the patterns are gorgeous :) I'm hooked!

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