Chatelaine- Free BOW Sampler Quilt Block 8

This weeks block is my variation of the Country Farm block. The original block has a solid square centre but I decided to add a little square in square block, to give it something special. I really love how this block turned out and its quick and easy to piece. Hope you enjoy this one :)
To download this weeks pattern, just visit HERE.

Flying Geese Units:

There are quick and easy methods of making perfect flying geese units but I still make them by sewing a triangle on one short side of the larger triangle and then one on the other side. Because the triangles are cut on the diagonal, it can cause some variations to the sizing so to alleviation this, I always cut my squares (for the side triangles) slightly larger than required in the pattern and then cut them on the diagonal. 
For this particular block, the pattern calls for the squares to be cut at 1 7/8" and then cut diagonally. I actually cut my squares at 2" and then cut them diagonally. Once the flying geese unit is sewn, I then trim it down and I don't lose any seam allowances or have any units that are a little wonky. Its only a teeny difference but it really helps, so give it a try :)

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