Healthy Chocolate Fudge (No Bake)

Christmas is the time when we all indulge our "sweet tooth" but if your looking for a healthier option for gift making or for serving during the Festive season, have a try of our Healthy Chocolate Fudge:
Maddi and I regularly visit our local health food shop and we love to play around with ingredients and adapt recipes depending on the occasion. Once you have the basic Chocolate Fudge recipe, its up to you what extra ingredients you include. For this Christmas inspired fudge, we added some dried cranberries, some raw almonds and some shredded coconut but the possibilities and combinations are endless.
You could omit all the extra ingredients and just enjoy the Chocolate Fudge but I love all the different tastes and textures. They are quick and easy to make, so you could make a batch a few hours prior to serving them or before they need to be wrapped up and delivered as gifts.
To download the PDF version of the recipe, visit HERE or right click on the image below and save to your computer:

Happy baking :)

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