Friday, January 24, 2014

Free February Calendar

February will be upon us soon so its time for my next free monthly calendar. January has just flown by and its been a busy month so my calendar has been well used and a great addition to the studio, I hope yours has been as well :)
So here's the new February calendar:

February is the month of "LOVE" and this months featured project is the Valentines Table Runner from my first Ezine and a plate full of those yummy Valentines Sugar Cookies, you can read more about both of these projects here.
To download your free February calendar just go here.
For us, February marks not only Valentines Day but also our 25th Wedding Anniversary, even more reason to celebrate.
I hope you enjoy your new calendar :)

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Free Valentines Day Coaster Pattern

How are you going with the Valentines Day projects in my first ezine? I thought I'd make up a quick coaster pattern for you, using the table runner on the cover as inspiration, to add to your decorations.
As I mention throughout the ezine, its not about spending heaps or serving lavish meals, its about keeping your preparations simple and using what you have on are only limited by whats in your stash and by your imagination.  Here's a little snippet of our Valentines Day dinner in 2013:
It was simple but prepared with lots of love and it was fun and memorable night!! We are really looking forward to this years dinner.
So onto the coaster pattern. To make one heart block:
From white homespun cut:
- 4 x 1" squares
- 1 x 1 7/8" square cut diagonally to yield 2 triangles
From red fabric cut:
- 2 x 1 1/2" squares
- 1 x 1 7/8" square cut diagonally to yield 2 triangles
On each of the 1" white homespun squares, draw a pencil line across the square, from corner to corner. Place one square on the top left hand corner of each of the 1 1/2" red squares, drawn line facing out and carefully lining up raw edges. Sew across the drawn line and trim away the excess as shown in the above photo. Press seams towards the white homespun.  Repeat for the other side with the remaining two white 1" squares. Each unit should measure 1 1/2" when complete.
Sew the two units together to form the top of the heart block. Sew a white homespun triangle to each of the red triangles, along the long side, pressing seams towards the red fabric. Each unit should measure 1 1/2" when complete. Sew the two units together to form the bottom of the heart block, pressing seam in opposite direction to the top unit of the block.
 Sew both units together to form the heart block, which should measure 2 1/2" square when complete.
Make four of the heart blocks; I chose to make two pink and two red blocks. Sew the four blocks together to complete the coaster top which should measure 4 1/2" when complete.
Cut a piece of backing fabric, larger than the coaster top, press well and lay on a flat surface wrong side facing up. Cut a piece of wadding the same size as the backing and lay on top and then place the well pressed coaster on top, right side up. Baste lightly either with safety pins or hand baste if you prefer. 
Quilt as desired. I chose to stipple my coaster to match my table runner. Trim excess backing and wadding level with the coaster.
Cut a 2 1/2" x 25" strip of binding fabric and press in half lengthways, wrong sides together. Starting about 2/3 of the way along one side, sew bindings to the coaster, mitring corners and trimming excess as you go. Turn bindings to the wrong side and slipstitch into place to secure.
Now your coaster is complete, make as many as you need and they will look lovely on your dinner table.
I have already begun preparations for our dinner, starting with framing the subway art I designed for the ezine:
I also added a little washi tape bunting to the frame, just to pretty it up and I've decorated a few candles with washi tape.  If your looking for more ideas to inspire your decorating, follow me on Pinterest, I have pinned some lovely projects to my Valentines Day board.
I hope you and your family enjoy a wonderful Valentines Day, however you chose to celebrate :)

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Thank You :)

Thank you so very much for the wonderful support of my first ezine, its been amazing!! I was very excited to finally be able to share my new venture and was overwhelmed with the response. If you haven't checked it out yet, you can read all about it HERE.
While your happily working on the projects for Feb/Mar, I'm busy planning and sewing projects for the second issue:
A little bit of gorgeous applique and a few pieced baskets:
A lot of quilting and attaching binding:
And also working with some different mediums; making something quick and fun:
I'm really loving how this second issue is coming together, the projects I've finished so far are lovely and of course my family are enjoying taste testing the recipes I'm including :)  The second issue looks at celebrating Anzac Day, Easter and Mothers Day.....lots of prettiness :)

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Threadbare Ezine- Issue One

I am so thrilled and very proud to announce my new venture for 2014 with the release of my very first ezine, Threadbare-Issue One:
My goal was to create a publication that focused on celebrating life with those we love, without it having to be expensive or without preparations being too time consuming due to our busy lifestyles. I believe that the best memories are made from the simple, meaningful things that we do, which come straight from the heart.
All 11 projects are designed to be stash busting projects and are both quick and easy yet still add that WOW factor to your celebration.
I have six ezines planned for 2014 (released bi-monthly) and each issue will focus on two months and the celebrations or special events that coincide (in Australia). Some celebrations may fall at different times due to where in the world you live but the ezines will remain in my shop indefinitely so they can be purchased as you require them.
Issue One celebrates February and March and starts off with, Valentines Day:
This section includes four lovely projects : a Valentines table runner, a Gift Bag, a Tic Tac Toe Game Mat with felt game markers and an appliqued cushion.
In Australia the new school year begins in February so to get the children ready and excited about learning there's a Back To School section:
A sweet appliqued library bag and triangular pencil case.
For the month of March there's a St Patricks Day section:
A lovely pieced and appliqued tablecloth, perfect for an afternoon tea and some Shamrock bunting.
And as our family is committed to contributing to a sustainable environment, there is an Earth Hour section:
A quick and simple Candle Holder Cuff, a Burner Mat and a Candle Mat.
I've also included some yummy recipes, which compliment each event, for you to try:
Valentines Sugar Cookies and St Patricks Day Mini Ombre Stacks
Milo Muffins and Cheesy Bacon Puffs
There's also a few fun printables to help you celebrate: St Patricks Day cupcake toppers, subway art for Valentines Day ready to print and frame as an instant decoration, some Valentines Love Notes for their lunchboxes and a School Bag checklist which is perfect for pinning to the family noticeboard or sticking to the fridge to keep those school mornings hassle free and organised.
And that's not all, lots of fun facts and a little history and loads of useful tips and ideas to help you celebrate with family and friends. Its all jam packed into 42 pages, complete with full sized design charts, complete instructions and diagrams and some lovely photos.
Threadbare-Issue One is only available in my shop HERE and retails for $5.95. It is a PDF file only, all ready for you to print at your convenience! Due to how my shop runs, once payment is received I will email you, your copy.....please allow for time differences/my family commitments etc, I will email your copy ASAP!
I really hope you enjoy this first issue, it has been a pleasure to plan and so much fun to work on and I'm very, very proud of what I have been able to achieve. Work is well under way on the next issue and the projects are looking lovely. This second issue will be focusing on ANZAC Day, Easter and Mothers Day. Here's a little sneak peek at one of the Easter projects:
Better get back to it :)

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New Design- Potpourri

Its the start of a fresh new year and I have my first pattern of 2014 ready for release. Potpourri is finally finished and is now available.  I couldn't be happier with the end result, its a lovely quilt:
It finishes at a generous 58" x 78" so it would be suitable as a single bed quilt or it would be just as lovely on a couch or chair as a throw quilt.
The blocks/rows are quite easy to complete and the pattern includes colour diagrams to help with easy construction. It is designed to be a scrappy style quilt- I used Jelly Roll strips and a few Charm Squares for some of the larger cut pieces but it would also be suitable for fat quarters or equivalent. Add some crisp white homespun and a couple of pretty solids and your ready to start.
The pattern is now available in my shop, both as a PDF pattern and as paper pattern or you could ask your local quilt shop to order you in a copy.
It would make a great teaching quilt for beginners and there is a chance of me teaching again this year so this may be the pattern I chose :)
I hope you love Potpourri as much as I do :) From my family to yours, wishing you a wonderful 2014. I hope you are able to do more of what you love and live life to the fullest!! :)
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