Fandom Sewing

After paper piecing the little Olaf quilt, I did some more online research and found a great site called Fandom In Stitches which offers a large array of free paper pieced patterns. The majority of them appealed to both of my children's interests.
Cohen is a huge Marvel fan and his favorite superhero is Hawkeye, so he requested I make him a cushion:
He helped me chose all of the fabrics (because accuracy in the colours is the most important thing to any avid fan, apparently) and this is what I came up with. It was a fun project to sew and after carefully considering the right borders for a superhero, Cohen had a new cushion :)
There are quite a few superhero patterns available and altogether, they would make an awesome quilt (maybe later) but he's very happy with his new cushion.
Maddi is a huge Doctor Who fan, so for her the choice was simple......the Tardis:
She wanted a wall hanging and we wanted to keep the borders quite simple. This was fun to sew as well, except I had a few minor issues with the windows not lining up perfectly but Maddi is thrilled with the end result and that's all that matters :).
These projects have definitely rekindled my love of paper piecing and I'm working on a tutorial for the blog on the basics of paper piecing, if you would like to try for yourself (more on this later).
I have also been inspired to design my own very first paper pieced pattern and currently I'm testing it before I write up the pattern and release's looking cute so far :)

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