What woman doesn't love the aromatic scents of a gorgeous perfume and the confidence it gives her when she wears it? Perfume bottles contain a sense of magic, which is unleashed when the bottle is opened and a drop or two of the precious liquid is discreetly applied to our skin. The shape of the bottles seem to echo the mysterious properties within and were the inspiration for my very first paper pieced pattern, Parfum:
Robert Ricci from the fashion house Nina Ricci once said, "A perfume is a work of art and the object that contains it must be a masterpiece."
I remember quite vividly the gorgeous perfume bottles that lined my grandmothers vanity table. She used them sparingly and only for special occasions and after she was dressed, "fluffed" (as she called it) and out the door, that sweet familiar smell still lingered. I'm sure she would have loved to add this bottle to her collection :)
The centre block is paper pieced and I have added a simple but very pretty, pieced ribbon border to complete this lovely mini quilt. If you need and help with paper piecing, you can use my tutorials HERE and HERE.  It would be perfect to make and give as a gift for the "girly girl" in your life, or to hang near your own vanity table.
Patterns are available as a PDF file in my shop, HERE.
I hope you like Parfum as much as I do, it was a fun project to design and sew and I have plans for a few more paper piecing patterns in the future :)

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